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I Saw Him Standing There

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This Japanese-released CD is hard to categorize. Is it a mini-album or a maxi-single? It's a five-track compilation that includes "extended" or "dance" versions of "I Saw Him Standing There" and "I Think We're Alone Now", a "long version" and an instrumental "singalong version" of "Can't Stop A Heartbeat", and "Mr. Mambo". Some catalogs list it under the title Can't Stop A Heartbeat, but one of its spines gives the title of I Saw Him Standing There (the other gives a Japanese title that I don't know how to read). The front of the CD booklet just says "Tiffany" (in the script logo).

Discography Entry:

I Saw Him Standing There

            CD                                         Cass
Japan       Pioneer 28XD-934

I Think We're Alone Now (Extended Version), I Saw Him Standing There (Dance Mix), Can't Stop A Heartbeat (Long Version), Mr. Mambo, Can't Stop A Heartbeat (Singalong Version)


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