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From:DJ Izzy (New Msg) at 10/8/97 9:09 PM
Looks like Tiffany is gone
From:Joe (New Msg) at 10/8/97 9:08 PM
Bye Tiffany...and Shawn...and Robert (even though he left already)...
From:Tiffany (New Msg) at 10/8/97 9:08 PM
Automatic Message: Tiffany Logged Off
From:Tiffany (New Msg) at 10/8/97 9:08 PM
Chrave, I am going to answer as many questions as I can...

I don't think I made a misstake in 1990 recording the dance album, new inside it was something differnt for me. and I learned alot from it. It made me realize what kind of music I really like and what I really want for a career. I hope my fans will continue to grow with me through thick and thin. I have been writing alot of songs that I feel really great about and there are things that I feel comfortable about. I hope to be doing some touring soon all around the world. I am really looking forward to working hard in 1998. Sorry I can't answer all of our questions. We will have to do this again soon.... Bye guys with all my love, Tiffany.

PS Could everyone send us your addresses so that we can offically start a fan club, also if you haven't responded to our survey, could you please and be sure to tell your friends... Thanks, God Bless...Bye.
From:Rachelle (New Msg) at 10/8/97 9:08 PM
April, I sent out that SASE today, so I hope I get the pic:)

From:JayJ (Home Page) (New Msg) at 10/8/97 9:08 PM
Me thinks she's gone.
From:Rob (Home Page) at 10/8/97 9:08 PM
Myra suggested I put this in caps... TIFFANY-REQUEST@INDYRAMP.COM ... the mailing list is free, unofficial, and just about as old as Elijah (the list is coming up on 5 years old next month), and you only have to have a real name to join.
Good night all, and Tiffany, thanks much for taking time to be adored here.
From:April Wahl (Home Page) at 10/8/97 9:07 PM
I'm still here
From:Raven at 10/8/97 9:07 PM
Thanks Myra, thanks Coyote *but should we really believe the Trickster of legend? ;->!!!*
From:Myra at 10/8/97 9:07 PM
Jesse: Tiffany may be too busy with her music career to sit and write individual letters to all her fans.
From:Chas at 10/8/97 9:07 PM
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From:Darkman at 10/8/97 9:07 PM
Tiffany, Are you still here???

From:Rachelle at 10/8/97 9:06 PM
April are you there???

From:Tiffany Fan #1 at 10/8/97 9:05 PM
Write ME Please
Jesse Sobol
2875 West Highland Street
Unit #1192
Chandler, Az 85224
I'm Moving I'll Send you my new address A.S.A.P
Lets be Pen-Pals


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