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This is an unofficial fan site about Tiffany, the young musical star who was popular in the late '80s and is making a big comeback in the 2000s. It is not endorsed by Tiffany or her management, and not created or screened by the marketing people at her record label, but rather, it's an independent site of, by, and for Tiffany's fans.

Did you know that Tiffany released a new album in 1993, but only in Asia, not in the U.S.? Did you know she has another new album out now, which has gained much critical acclaim? Did you know she has a son? Or that she's bared all in Playboy? (Well, you probably know that, since that's what's driving most of the traffic into this site these days!) Information on all of this is found in this site.

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Daniel Tobias

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