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TIFFANY.ORG is a fan site operated continuously since 1995 about the singer Tiffany, who rose to success in the late '80s as a teen pop star, and made a comeback in the new millennium with a critically-acclaimed album, and, yes, bared it all for Playboy. This is an unofficial fan site, not affiliated with or endorsed by Tiffany, her management, record labels, or tour promoters. For that matter, this site has no connection with the jeweler Tiffany & Co., which has its web site at www.tiffany.com (not tiffany.org like this site!)

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Tiffany's official site is up at www.tiffanytunes.com. Hopefully, she's got permanent control of this address so it won't change again with some future change of management like it has a few times already.

Read more about Tiffany on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and help improve the article too, since it's the encyclopedia anybody can edit (unless you're banned or blocked or get on the wrong side of its ruling clique, or there's too much edit warring on the article so it gets protected...).

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