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Changes in This Site:

  • 26 Sep 2005: George Tobin, Tiffany's former manager and producer, has written a note to this site commenting on his re-release of Tiffany's Dreams Never Die album, and responding to various fan criticism.

  • 09 Apr 2005: Links to Tiffany's official site have been changed to reflect its new address, It's kind of a pain that they couldn't keep the old address, but I think it's still held by a former manager. Various news items are up on the front page and the news page, keeping up with Tiffany's various appearances lately.

  • 11 May 2003: A guitar tabulature for "Open My Eyes" has been posted on this site, contributed by Charles W. Bridgen.

  • 04 May 2003: I saw Tiffany perform at Gulfstream Park in Florida two weeks ago; see pictures and a review in this site.

  • 23 Nov 2002: This site now has an affiliate relationship with You can buy Tiffany's CDs (or anything else you want) by following links from here, and you'll be helping to support this site too.

  • 28 Sep 2002: A new picture section has been added containing pictures of a Tiffany performance at Virginia Commonwealth University submitted by Joey, a fan.

  • 10 Apr 2002: The redesign is complete -- all pages have the new look now.

  • 07 Apr 2002: A major visual redesign is in progress, with several pages updated now (including the front page and this page) and the rest to come shortly. The whole site is being made more attractive, with more consistent and usable navigation as well. Note the top bar showing you where in the site structure you are, and the left-side menu giving you access to all the main sections. There's also a keyword-search feature in the left bar. Revisions to the content are being made as the redesign proceeds, whenever outdated material is found.

  • 06 Feb 2002: This site is getting heavy hits due to news coverage of Tiffany's upcoming Playboy appearance. I'm trying to keep the news pages updated.

  • 29 Jun 2000: I've changed the chronology, discography, and other pages to reflect the latest apparent facts about the controversial "Remembering Love" and "In The Dark" singles, which now appear not to actually be by Tiffany (just somebody else of the same name???), even if they do sound like they could be her.

  • 04 Apr 2000: I've added some pictures from Tiffany's appearance on Top of Pops, supplied by Pam from Fame Forever.

  • 05 Jun 1999: I'm going through and cleaning out links that no longer work, and have tried to catch up on posting nice mail and buy/sell messages, which come in at a rapid pace.

  • 18 Apr 1999: I've obtained a high-school picture of Tiffany, which can be found in the pictures section. News of an upcoming collaboration between Tiffany and industrial group Front Line Assembly (unlikely-seeming, but true) is on the news page. And I've caught up once again posting nice mail and buy/sell/trade notices in the fan forum section.

  • 31 Jan 1999: I've found out an address where Tiffany fan mail can be sent, and have added it to the News page.

  • 30 Aug 1998: I've improved the formatting of the singles list, using a real table instead of pre-formatted text, and added info on the Japanese "Oh, Jackie" single.

  • 25 Jul 1998: Tiffany is no longer being managed by Pam Lewis, so I've updated various references throughout the site.

  • 03 Dec 1997: Courtesy of, I've added some more Tiffany CD cover graphics to the Music section, for Best One and some singles. I also updated Rick Rhodes' address in the news page (and elsewhere in the site) at Rick's request.

  • 09 Nov 1997: I've put up some excerpts from the online chat with Tiffany that was held Oct. 8 in Pam Lewis's site.

  • 01 Sep 1997: Tiffany's manager, Pam Lewis, has some interesting new Tiffany info on her official Tiffany page [no longer online], including sound clips, a press release about Tiff's comeback, and a fan survey. I've put links to that site in various places including this paragraph... check it out! I've also added a few more photos to the Pictures section, put up more comments from fans on the Nice Mail page, and improved the layout of the Music page.

  • 30 Jul 1997: I've added the Tiffany duet with Rick Rhodes, "Hold Me" (on Rick's Indian Summer CD) to the song list, and posted information on ordering this CD in the news file. I've also added various hyperlinks, both within this site and to other sites, everywhere they seemed appropriate, to make all parts of the site more useful and navigable.

  • 23 May 1997: Get the new Tiffany Screen Saver, a free download now available on this site!

  • 18 May 1997: Various minor cleanups all around the site. Added full track list for Jetsons soundtrack, so you can see what other artists' material is there besides the three Tiffany songs. Changed e-mail contact address consistently to so that I can tell that comments are in response to this site as opposed to the many other web sites I maintain.

  • 24 Apr 1997: This site is now accessible with a new, simpler address: (The old URL will continue to work too.) I saw that this domain name was available, so I grabbed it! (I was just barely edged out of getting; somebody else snatched it moments before I could.) The funny thing was that both of these Tiffany domain names had been previously taken by others, months ago, but somehow they were once again available. Maybe the previous owners failed to pay their INTERNIC domain bills. Or maybe the jeweler Tiffany & Co. threatened to sue them for trademark infringement and will come after this site next. That would be preposterous; they never sued Tiffany for releasing albums under that name, so how could they sue somebody for putting out a web site with the name? However, there have been lots of silly trademark/domain name challenges so far, so you never know. Anyway, the new name works now, and there's a graphical redesign of the front page to go with it.

  • 12 Apr 1997: Added links to lyrics files in other sites to the pages about her albums, in response to lots of requests for the lyrics. I've found lyrics to her first two albums online, so these are now linked.

  • 21 Jan 1997: Added album-cover pictures to the pages about each Tiffany album in the Music section. Added a page about the Japanese 5-track I Saw Him Standing There CD, and made the discography entry on this item more complete and correct. Added this "What's New?" page, including a few earlier-dated entries to show other recent changes.

  • 12 Jan 1997: The Music section has been expanded to now include a separate page for each Tiffany album, with additional information files for some of them. Also, the Chronology has been updated with new facts about Tiffany's past and present revealed in the recent Country Weekly article, and hyperlinks have been added throughout this file, both to pages within this site (about her albums and performances) and to other sites that are relevant (like the official sites of companies mentioned in the text).

  • 04 Jan 1997: In a major overhaul of the site, the content of the site has been split into new, logical categories to make the structure more sensible and navigable. The Pictures section now has inline thumbnail pictures you can click on to get larger versions, re-generated from the original scans in a higher-resolution mode than the versions of the pictures that were up on this site earlier.

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