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Indian Summer (Rick Rhodes)

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Released: Sept. 25, 1995

Rick Rhodes' second album, "Indian Summer", was released in Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Europe. A duet with Tiffany, "Hold Me" (written by Rick Rhodes and Patti Austin) is on this album. (It can also be found on Rhodes' later relase, Deep In The Night.)

"Indian Summer" also features: Boney James, Michael Brecker, Tom Scott, Bill Champlin, Jay Beckenstein, Richard Elliot, Chieli Minucci, Steve Reid and many more.

Produced by: Chieli Minucci.

NOTE: Rick's site reports that he has unfortunately passed away on November 2, 2005. It it uncertain whether his albums and other items remain available for ordering. Apparently, Indian Summer is now out of print, and copies seem to be of some collector value, judging by the prices of $42 and up found at some dealers (e.g., the ones listed at when you look up this album).

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