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Tiffany Music: Discography

Regular Studio Albums

1. Tiffany

            CD                      LP                  Cass
USA         MCA MCAD-5793           MCA-5793            MCAC-5793
Canada      MCA MCAXD-5793
GB          MCA DMCL-1897           MCF 3415            DMCF 3415
Germany     MCA 803415-2
Japan       MCA 18P2-2996
S. Africa   MCA LMCA 5793                               ZLMC 5793

Should've Been Me, Danny, Spanish Eyes, Feelings Of Forever, Kid On a Corner, I Saw Him Standing There, Johnny's Got The Inside Moves, Promises Made, I Think We're Alone Now, Could've Been

2. Hold An Old Friend's Hand

            CD                      LP                  Cass
USA         MCA MCAD-6267           MCA-6267            MCAC-6267
Canada      MCA MCAD-6267
GB          MCA DMCF-3437           MCF 3437            MCFC 3415
Germany     MCA 872492
Japan       MCA MUCM-20
S. Africa   MCA LMCA 6267                               ZLMC 6267

All This Time, Oh Jackie, Hold An Old Friend's Hand, Radio Romance, We're Both Thinking Of Her, Walk Away While You Can, Drop That Bomb, It's The Lover (Not The Love), I'll Be The Girl, Hearts Never Lie [duet with Chris Farren], Overture [acoustical guitar solo by Grant Geissman]

3. New Inside

            CD                      LP                  Cass
USA         MCA MCAD-10030          MCAD-10030          MCAC-10030
Canada      MCA MCAD-10030
Germany     East West 872594
Japan       MCA MVC2-400 
S. Africa   MCA LMCA 10030                              ZLMC 10030

New Inside, It's You, A Moment To Rest [Interlude], Tenderly, Never Run My Motor Down, Here In My Heart, Tiff's Back, Our Love, Life Affair, Back In The Groove, There Could Never

4. Dreams Never Die

            CD                                          Cass
Japan       MCA MVCM 426
Philippines MCA MCD 10949
S. Africa   MCA CDLMCA 6561                             ZLMC 6561
Re-Release  Headliner Records HLR 5664D (2005)

If Love Is Blind, Kiss You All Over, Can't You See, Kiss The Ground, Dreams Never Die, That One Blue Candle, Almost In Love, Ruthless, These Arms Of Mine, Sam Loves Joann, We're The Truth, Loneliness

Bonus tracks on 2005 re-release: You Can't Break a Broken Heart, Look'in Through the Windows, Are You Lonely Tonight, I Don't Know What You Got, I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Any More, Angel Baby

5. The Color of Silence

USA        Eureka 15668-02582

Open My Eyes, I'm Not Sleeping, Piss U Off, I Will Not Breakdown, Keep Walking, If Only, Silence, All The Talking, Good Enough For Me, Christening, Betty, Cinnamon, Butterfly

Bonus tracks on download version: Sometimes, As I Am

6. Dust Off And Dance

USA        Backroom Entertainment BR001

Be With U Tonite, Ride It, Kama Sutra (feat. Dre Wilson), Na Na Na, Everyone Get Down, Fly, Artificial Girlfriend, Sacrifice, I Luv How You Feel, I Think We're Alone Now, Artificial Girlfriend (Second Sun Remix)

7. Just Me

USA        Varese Saraband 060715

Feels Like Love, Just Me, Be Alright, Hiding Behind the Face, Calling Out Your Name, Mind Candy, Anyone But Me, Streets of Gold, This Love, Winter's Over, I Will Not Breakdown

8. Rose Tattoo

USA        Only The Girl Inc. Productions
  1. "Feel The Music" (Tiffany, Julie Forester, Dee Briggs)
  2. "Crazy Girls", duet with Lindsay Lawler (Tiffany, Chris Roberts, Lindsay Lawler)
  3. "He's All Man" (Tiffany, Tommy Wright)
  4. "He Won't Miss Me" (Tiffany, Diana Draeger)
  5. "All Over You" (Tiffany, Lorna Flowers)
  6. "Just Love Me" (Tiffany, Chris Roberts)
  7. "Love You Good" (Tommy Wright)
  8. "Just That Girl" (Tiffany, Chris Roberts, Lindsay Lawler)

9. A Million Miles

           CD, download
USA        Only The Girl Inc. Productions
  1. "Cry"
  2. "History"
  3. "A Million Miles Away"
  4. "Fall Again"
  5. "Right Here"
  6. "Daddy's Girl"
  7. "Waking Up for the First Time"
  8. "Get Over You"
  9. "Lady and Her Man"
  10. "Tears"

10. Pieces of Me

           CD, LP, download
  1. Worlds Away
  2. Feels Like A Storm
  3. Beautiful
  4. Waste Of Time
  5. Pieces Of Me
  6. King Of Lies
  7. Hey There
  8. Starting Over
  9. Heaven
  10. Heartbeat Away
  11. Fall

Greatest-Hits / Misc. / Other Albums

I Saw Him Standing There

             CD                                         Cass
Japan        Pioneer 28XD-934

I Think We're Alone Now (Extended Version), I Saw Him Standing There (Dance Mix), Can't Stop A Heartbeat (Long Version), Mr. Mambo, Can't Stop A Heartbeat (Singalong Version)

Best One

             CD                                         Cass
Japan        MCA MVCM 25024

I Think We're Alone Now, Should've Been Me, All This Time, Oh Jackie, Here In My Heart, I Saw Him Standing There, Radio Romance, Hold An Old Friends Hand, Danny, Spanish Eyes, We're Both Thinking Of Her, New Inside, Feelings Of Forever, Our Love, Could've Been, Can't Stop A Heartbeat

Best of Best

             CD                                         Cass
Japan        MCA MVCZ-15-13

I Think We're Alone Now, Should've Been Me, All This Time, I Saw Him Standing There, Radio Romance, Hold An Old Friend's Hand, Feelings Of Forever, Could've Been

All The Best

             CD                                         Cass
Singapore    MCA MCD32946

Close Our Eyes (duet with Tommy Page), Could've Been, If Love Is Blind, I Saw Him Standing There, Winding Road, Here In My Heart, Feelings Of Forever, I Think We're Alone Now, These Arms Of Mine, Radio Romance, Kiss You All Over, Almost In Love, Hold An Old Friend's Hand, Can't You See, I Always Thought I'd See You Again

Greatest Hits

             CD                                       Cass
USA          Hip-O HIPD-40018

I Think We're Alone Now, Danny, All This Time, It's The Lover (Not The Love), I Saw Him Standing There, Hold An Old Friend's Hand, Radio Romance, Feelings Of Forever, Back In The Groove, Mr. Mambo, Here In My Heart, Could've Been

I Think We're Alone Now: '80s Hits And More

USA          Cleopatra 1786

I Think We're Alone Now, Could've Been, Venus, Kids In America, Voices Carry, Forever Young, Panic (Hang The DJ), Call Me, I Don't Wanna Fall In Love, I Saw Him Standing There, The Beat Goes On, You've Got A Way

Mimi's Kitchen (special fan edition)

USA          Independent

Devil Woman, Roses Are Red, HeartAche, Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, I'm Afraid of Loving You, Just a Closer Walk With Thee, How Great Thou Art, Step Into the Sky, I Think I Love You, For You To Say, Frozen Skies, Love Alive (Live)

Greatest Hits of the '80s and Beyond

iTunes download

Guest Appearances & Multi-Artist Compilation Albums

Jetsons: The Movie (Soundtrack)

             CD                      LP                 Cass
USA          MCA MCAD-6431           MCA-6431           MCAC-6431

You And Me, I Always Thought I'd See You Again, Home [plus 7 tracks by other artists]

In Harmony with the Homeless

             CD                      LP                 Cass
USA          Miramar 09006-23075-2

New Tiffany song: "You Don't Belong Down Here"

Indian Summer [Rick Rhodes]

Released September 25th, 1995 in Japan, Korea, Philippines, and Europe.

New Tiffany song: "Hold Me" (duet with Rick Rhodes)

Deep In The Night [Rick Rhodes]

Also contains "Hold Me".

More Romi and Michele's High School Reunion

Has "I Think We're Alone Now"

Rock She Said On The Pop Side

HIP-O Records HIPD-40075. Has "I Think We're Alone Now".

Thug On Da Line [Krayzie Bone]

"Talk To Myself"

We Will Follow (tribute to U2)

Cleopatra Records CLP-0596-2. Has "New Year's Day" by Tiffany and Front Line Assembly.

Platinum Girl (tribute to Blondie)

Cleopatra Records CLP 784. Has "Call Me" by Tiffany.

Cover Morning Musume Hello! Project

Universal Music. Has "Sexy Baby" by Tiffany.

Once In A Lifetime - Mayo Okamoto Songbook

Has "Alone" by Tiffany.

What's Love: A Tribute to Tina Turner

Versailles Records. Tiffany sings "What's Love Got To Do With It".

Honey I'm gone - All Star Tribute to Shania Twain [2005]

Has "You've Got a Way" by Tiffany.

Inside Out [Second Sun]

Has "He Said She Said" by Second Sun featuring Tiffany.

My Movie Star [Logan Lynn]

Has "Big City Now" covered by Tiffany.


Formats: 7" = standard 45 RPM single; 12" = 12 inch single; CS = Cassette Single; CMS = Cassette Maxi-Single; CD3 = 3" CD Single; CD5 = 5" CD Single.

Catalog numbers are for U.S. vinyl single where it exists.
Label/Cat# Tracks Format Date/Country
MCA-53076 Danny / No Rules (7") [1987]
MCA-53167 I Think We're Alone Now / No Rules (7")
MCA-23793 I Think We're Alone Now
[UK: DMCA1211, 3-track 5" CD single]
MCA-53271 Could've Been / The Heart Of Love
[UK: TIFFP 2, Picture Disc; Germany: DTIFF 3 2, 3" CD single]
(7", CS)
MCA-53280 Mr. Mambo / I Saw Him Standing There
MCA-53285 I Saw Him Standing There / Mr. Mambo
[UK: TIFPR 3, includes poster; Germany: 258 024-2, 3" CD single]
(7") [1988]
MCA-53286 I Saw Him Standing There / Gotta Be Love / Mr. Mambo (CS)
MCA-23844 I Saw Him Standing There / Gotta Be Love / Mr. Mambo (12")
MCA-53325 Feelings Of Forever / Out Of My Heart (7")
MCA-53343 Feelings Of Forever / Out Of My Heart / Heart Don't Break Tonight
[UK: DTIFF4, 3 track 3" CD single]
? Should've Been Me ? [released in Spain]
MCA-53371 All This Time / Can't Stop A Heartbeat
[UK: DTIFF6, 3 track 3" CD single w. "I'll Be The Girl", "I Think We're Alone Now" (extended)]
(7", CS)
MCA-53623 Radio Romance / I'll Be The Girl
[UK: 12" picture disc TIFTP 5, w. "Can't Stop A Heartbeat"; Germany: 257 746-2, 3 track 5" CD single w. "Can't Stop A Heartbeat"; apparently a 3" CD single exists, also made in Germany]
(7", CS) [1989]
MCA-53612 Hold An Old Friend's Hand / Ruthless (7", CS)
MCA-53704 It's The Lover (Not The Love) / Ruthless (7", CS)
PRS-2023 Oh Jackie / I'll Be The Girl
[CD3: 10P3-6122]
(7", CD3) [released in Japan]
MCA-53852 I Always Thought I'd See You Again (CS) [1990]
MCA-53881 New Inside / Excerpts: Here In My Heart, Tiff's Back, Never Run My Motor Down (CS)
MCA-53952 New Inside (12", CMS, CD5)
MCA-53991 Here In My Heart (CS) [1991]
MCA MVDM-45 If Love Is Blind / In The Name Of Love (CD3) [1993] (Asia only)
MCA Can't You See ? [released in Asia?]
Eureka 15668-02012 I'm Not Sleeping [w. Krayzie Bone]: Album Version / Radio Edit (CD5) [2000]

Multi-Artist Compilation Singles

  Giant 9 40054-2  Voices That Care (CD5)
      Tiffany is in chorus and has brief voice spot.

Pocket Rockers

A short-lived format of singles consisting of miniature-sized cassettes to be played on a special player.

  1. "I Think We're Alone Now" / "Could've Been"
  2. "I Saw Him Standing There" / "Feelings Of Forever"
  3. "All This Time" / "Radio Romance"

Promo Items

Radio promo CDs (US):

  CD45-17447   Could've Been 
  CD45-17534   Feelings Of Forever
  CD45-17597   All This Time 
  CD45-17794   Radio Romance
  CD45-17786   Hold An Old Friend's Hand
  CD45-17973   It's The Lover (Not The Love)
  CD45-18402   I Always Thought I'd See You Again
  CD45-1106    New Inside (4 tracks)
               (has also been reported as CD45-1136)
  CD45-1191    Here In My Heart (2 tracks)

Promo 45s exist of many singles, too, with white labels and the same track on both front and back.

The Interview (German radio promo LP)

Catalog #: PROMO-1
Side 1: With questions
Side 2: Answers only
  1. When did you start singing ?
  2. Was being a singer your earliest ambition ?
  3. Did you always know you had the ability to succeed as a singer ?
  4. What are your hobbies ?
  5. 'I Think Were Alone Now' is no1 in the US, did you ever expect that ?
  6. How did you handle such great success ?
  7. Has your life changed ?
  8. Do you prefer performing live or recorded at a studio ?
  9. Have you enjoyed doing your shopping mall tour ?
  10. How did you get involved in the music buisiness ?
  11. What kind of music has influenced you most ?
  12. Have you modelled yourself on Stevie Nicks ?
  13. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years time ?
  14. Have you ever been outside the United States ?
  15. How long did it take to complete the album ?
  16. What will the next single be ?
  17. Did you enjoy recording the album ?
  18. I Think Were Alone Now is 20 years old, did that worry you ?
  19. Many girls of your age want to be singers, do you have any advice to offer them ?

Radio Shows

USP Hot Rocks: The Debbie Gibson / Tiffany Story

Aired weekend of April 1, 1988. Sent to affiliate stations on vinyl LP.

Unistar: The Tiffany Story

Aired Nov. 17, 1990. Sent to affiliate stations on vinyl LP.

Notes and Comments

Contrary to popular belief, "I Think We're Alone Now" was not Tiffany's first single. "Danny" was released first, but wasn't heavily promoted, and didn't sell well. "I Think We're Alone Now," a track on her debut album Tiffany became widely requested on radio stations, and was hence released as a single. It went to #1 on the Billboard pop charts. "No Rules" was re-used as the flip side.

"Ruthless" is the other re-used flip side, appearing on both "Hold An Old Friend's Hand" and "It's The Lover (Not The Love)." "I'll Be The Girl" is the only flip side that appears on an album (Hold An Old Friend's Hand). Otherwise, the flip sides and bonus tracks do not appear on any album. "I Always Thought I'd See You Again" has no B-side; its back side is blank.

The 1987 and 1988 cassette singles (through "All This Time") were distributed in plastic cassette cases just like cassette albums. Later cassette singles were packaged in the standard cardboard cassette-single sleeves. Also, the cassette singles up to and including "Hold An Old Friend's Hand" contained all tracks on the same side, with a repeat of the entire tape on the other side. "It's The Lover (Not The Love)" switches over to one track on each side as with 45 RPM singles. "New Inside" has a sampler of excerpts from the album of the same title on its flip side. Other recent singles are blank on the back.


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