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Contrary to popular belief, "I Think We're Alone Now" was not Tiffany's first single. "Danny" was the first release from her debut album, but wasn't heavily promoted, and didn't sell well. "I Think We're Alone Now," a track on her debut album Tiffany became widely requested on radio stations, and was hence released as a single. It went to #1 on the Billboard pop charts.

There are controversial, disputed reports about whether she released earlier singles "Remembering Love" and "In The Dark" on Unidisc or Karisma Records in 1984 and 1987 respectively. The latest word is that she denies any connection with these, so they're really some other singer of the same name even though they sound something like her, so I've removed them from the discography.

"No Rules" was used as the flip side of both "Danny" and "I Think We're Alone Now". "Ruthless" is the other re-used flip side, appearing on both "Hold An Old Friend's Hand" and "It's The Lover (Not The Love)." "I'll Be The Girl" is the only flip side that appears on an album (Hold An Old Friend's Hand). Otherwise, the flip sides and bonus tracks do not appear on any album. "I Always Thought I'd See You Again" has no B-side; its back side is blank.

Apparently, before the release of "I Saw Him Standing There" with "Mr. Mambo" as the B-side, MCA released a version of the single with the two sides reversed (with a different catalog number). Maybe they decided at the last minute to change the A and B sides around.

The 1987 and 1988 cassette singles (through "All This Time") were distributed in plastic cassette cases just like cassette albums. Later cassette singles were packaged in the standard cardboard cassette-single sleeves. Also, the cassette singles up to and including "Hold An Old Friend's Hand" contained all tracks on the same side, with a repeat of the entire tape on the other side. "It's The Lover (Not The Love)" switches over to one track on each side as with 45 RPM singles. "New Inside" has a sampler of excerpts from the album of the same title on its flip side. Other recent cassette singles are blank on the back.

"Open Your Eyes" was originally announced as the first single from the fall 2000 album, The Color of Silence, but this was changed at the last minute to "I'm Not Sleeping."

More info and Real Audio files of Tiffany singles at April Wahl's site

Discography Entries:

Formats: 7" = standard 45 RPM single; 12" = 12 inch single; CS = Cassette Single; CMS = Cassette Maxi-Single; CD3 = 3" CD Single; CD5 = 5" CD Single.

Catalog numbers are for U.S. vinyl single where it exists.
Label/Cat# Tracks Format Date/Country
MCA-53076 Danny / No Rules (7") [1987]
MCA-53167 I Think We're Alone Now / No Rules (7")
MCA-23793 I Think We're Alone Now
[UK: DMCA1211, 3-track 5" CD single]
MCA-53271 Could've Been / The Heart Of Love
[UK: TIFFP 2, Picture Disc; Germany: DTIFF 3 2, 3" CD single]
(7", CS)
MCA-53280 Mr. Mambo / I Saw Him Standing There
MCA-53285 I Saw Him Standing There / Mr. Mambo
[UK: TIFPR 3, includes poster; Germany: 258 024-2, 3" CD single]
(7") [1988]
MCA-53286 I Saw Him Standing There / Gotta Be Love / Mr. Mambo (CS)
MCA-23844 I Saw Him Standing There / Gotta Be Love / Mr. Mambo (12")
MCA-53325 Feelings Of Forever / Out Of My Heart (7")
MCA-53343 Feelings Of Forever / Out Of My Heart / Heart Don't Break Tonight
[UK: DTIFF4, 3 track 3" CD single]
? Should've Been Me ? [released in Spain]
MCA-53371 All This Time / Can't Stop A Heartbeat
[UK: DTIFF6, 3 track 3" CD single w. "I'll Be The Girl", "I Think We're Alone Now" (extended)]
(7", CS)
MCA-53623 Radio Romance / I'll Be The Girl
[UK: 12" picture disc TIFTP 5, w. "Can't Stop A Heartbeat"; Germany: 257 746-2, 3 track 5" CD single w. "Can't Stop A Heartbeat"; apparently a 3" CD single exists, also made in Germany]
(7", CS) [1989]
MCA-53612 Hold An Old Friend's Hand / Ruthless (7", CS)
MCA-53704 It's The Lover (Not The Love) / Ruthless (7", CS)
PRS-2023 Oh Jackie / I'll Be The Girl
[CD3: 10P3-6122]
(7", CD3) [released in Japan]
MCA-53852 I Always Thought I'd See You Again (CS) [1990]
MCA-53881 New Inside / Excerpts: Here In My Heart, Tiff's Back, Never Run My Motor Down (CS)
MCA-53952 New Inside (12", CMS, CD5)
MCA-53991 Here In My Heart (CS) [1991]
MCA MVDM-45 If Love Is Blind / In The Name Of Love (CD3) [1993] (Asia only)
MCA Can't You See ? [released in Asia?]
Eureka 15668-02012 I'm Not Sleeping [w. Krayzie Bone]: Album Version / Radio Edit (CD5) [2000]

Multi-Artist Compilation Singles

  Giant 9 40054-2  Voices That Care (CD5)
      Tiffany is in chorus and has brief voice spot.

Pocket Rockers

A short-lived format of singles consisting of miniature-sized cassettes to be played on a special player.

  1. "I Think We're Alone Now" / "Could've Been"
  2. "I Saw Him Standing There" / "Feelings Of Forever"
  3. "All This Time" / "Radio Romance"

Promo Items

Radio promo CDs (US):

  CD45-17447   Could've Been
  CD45-17534   Feelings Of Forever
  CD45-17597   All This Time
  CD45-17794   Radio Romance
  CD45-17786   Hold An Old Friend's Hand
  CD45-17973   It's The Lover (Not The Love)
  CD45-18402   I Always Thought I'd See You Again
  CD45-1106    New Inside (4 tracks)
               (has also been reported as CD45-1136)
  CD45-1191    Here In My Heart (2 tracks)

Promo 45s exist of many singles, too, with white labels and the same track on both front and back.


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