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In Harmony with the Homeless

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Released: 1995

The benefit album, In Harmony with the Homeless (Miramar, 9006230752), included a new Tiffany song, "You Don't Belong Down Here". It was released in late 1995, and remains in print, but tends to be hard to find at record stores. It's also available through Columbia CD Club. If you can't find it at any of those places, you can buy it direct by mail order at:

In Harmony with the Homeless
PO Box 661918
Los Angeles, CA 90066

The price is $20, including shipping/handling.

Tracks on the CD:

  1. Brenda Russell: Heart of the City
  2. Lowen & Navarro: How Much More
  3. David Morgan: Before You Get The Meal
  4. Laura Harding: Song for Thomas (Lay It Down)
  5. Dan Bern: Party By Myself
  6. Jonathan Cain: Hope Is Alive And Well
  7. Tiffany: You Don't Belong Down Here
  8. Box Town: Homeless
  9. Carl Anderson: This Blue Tattoo
  10. Mavis Staples: Turn It Around
  11. Lisa Stewart & Marty Raybon: When I Find You
  12. Barbara Weathers: A Building Condemned
  13. Rita Coolidge & Richie Havens: Heart To Heart

Some more information and lyrics on the Tiffany track:

Miramar, BMG Distribution #09006-23075-2

Track 7:
"You Don't Belong Down Here" (4:33)
Written by: Fred Washington/Cherish Alexander/Alan Ray Scott
Performed by: Tiffany
Published by: Fifth & Wall Music (ASCAP) / Kyushu Boy Music (BMI) /
              Playful Music (BMI) / Warner Tamerlane Music (BMI)
Produced by: Michael Jay for Captain Hook Productions
Recorded and Mixed by: Michael Scott Reiter
Keyboards and Arrangement: Steve Williams
Guitars: Don Kirkpatrick
Recorded at: Bernie Becker Recording, Van Nuys, CA
Mixed at: The Record Plant, Hollywood, CA

Fred Washington remembers sleeping in a park one night and waking up to find
a man standing quietly before him.  The man looked deeply into Fred's eyes
for a moment before saying, "You know, brother, you don't belong down here."
He then turned and walked away.


Sky rise so haunting on the other side of the street
Two thin white lines between where you are and where you should be

I know sometimes when you fly you think you're larger than life
But then you come crashing down and you're asleep on the ground
A king without his crown

 You don't belong down here
 You don't belong down here
 You don't belong down here
 Anymore, not ever

This park is an island in a sea of despair
In the heart of the city of angels who aren't even there

I see you praying for hope while you keep worshipping dope
The devil right by your side and I see death in your eyes
Will you live or do you have the will to die


Doo, doo, doo, doo
I want to do things before they become
The things I should have done in my life


We don't belong down here
You don't belong down here
You don't belong and we don't belong
We don't belong down here
We don't belong down here
We don't belong
No one belongs down here anymore
Not ever

(c) 1995 Fred Washington / Cherish Alexander / Alan Ray Scott


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