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Released: March 1, 2011

Tiffany's 2011 album release was another independent release, this time representing a return to country music. The release party for it was in Nashville.

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8. Rose Tattoo

USA        Only The Girl Inc. Productions
  1. "Feel The Music" (Tiffany, Julie Forester, Dee Briggs)
  2. "Crazy Girls", duet with Lindsay Lawler (Tiffany, Chris Roberts, Lindsay Lawler)
  3. "He's All Man" (Tiffany, Tommy Wright)
  4. "He Won't Miss Me" (Tiffany, Diana Draeger)
  5. "All Over You" (Tiffany, Lorna Flowers)
  6. "Just Love Me" (Tiffany, Chris Roberts)
  7. "Love You Good" (Tommy Wright)
  8. "Just That Girl" (Tiffany, Chris Roberts, Lindsay Lawler)


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