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Released: Oct. 2, 1990

Tiffany's third album, New Inside, was released after she broke with George Tobin and took on Dick Scott as manager. Unfortunately, it didn't sell well, and it would seem that she'd like to forget this phase in her career; no songs from New Inside were used in her 1993 live performances, and some media reports at the time referred to Dreams Never Die as her third, even though it is actually her fourth (not counting "Greatest Hits", soundtrack, and multi-artist compilation albums).

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3. New Inside

           CD                      LP                  Cass
USA        MCA MCAD-10030          MCAD-10030          MCAC-10030
Canada     MCA MCAD-10030
Germany    East West 872594
Japan      MCA MVC2-400 
S. Africa  MCA LMCA 10030                              ZLMC 10030

New Inside, It's You, A Moment To Rest [Interlude], Tenderly, Never Run My Motor Down, Here In My Heart, Tiff's Back, Our Love, Life Affair, Back In The Groove, There Could Never

Some notes on New Inside:

  • The "Dennis Cheese" who performs a rap on the title track is actually New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg.

  • The track numbers on the CD booklet don't agree with the tracks on the CD itself. Track 3 on the booklet list is "A Moment To Rest (Interlude)," which is a few seconds of soft instrumental music before "Tenderly." On the CD, this is treated as part of the latter track, which is hence track 3 on the CD even though it is track 4 in the booklet. The remaining tracks are 1 number too high in the booklet list; tracks 5 through 11 are actually tracks 4 through 10. Confusing, isn't it?


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