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The Color of Silence

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Released: Nov. 7, 2000

Tiffany's big comeback album was released late in 2000, much awaited by fans who talked about it on Internet mailing lists and fan websites. It got a highly glowing review from Billboard, which called it "thoughtful and intelligent" and said that it "could easily be to 2000 what Alanis Morissette's Grammy Award-winning Jagged Little Pill was to 1995." As of December, though, it has yet to become a big seller, though a distribution deal with BMG set to begin in January could give it a boost. The new album features several songs co-written by Tiffany, and is in general a work of her own artistry rather than something prefabricated for her, so it's a creative success whether or not it's successful commercially.

Like most of Tiffany's albums after her debut, this was more of a success in Asia than in the United States; here is a picture of the Japanese album cover, and also one from the United Kingdom.

[Japanese release: front]   [Japanese release: back]   [U.K. release]

Guitar Tabulature: "Open My Eyes"

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Discography Entry:

5. The Color of Silence

USA        Eureka 15668-02582

Open My Eyes, I'm Not Sleeping, Piss U Off, I Will Not Breakdown, Keep Walking, If Only, Silence, All The Talking, Good Enough For Me, Christening, Betty, Cinnamon, Butterfly

Bonus tracks on download version: Sometimes, As I Am

Bonus tracks on import version: As I Am, Falling, Flown


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