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New Management

It's been reported that Tiffany has changed managers again as of the beginning of 2008. She is no longer working with Ann Riley, and her new manager is J.D. Sobol of RPM Talent Agency.

Movie and TV News

Tiffany starred in a movie The Isolationist, premiering at Marion Knott Studios on March 7, 2008.

She is also in a horror movie, Necrosis. (Press Release; IMDB entry)

Tiffany has made a past movie appearance other than her 1990 voicing of Judy Jetson in Jetsons: the Movie: she appeared in Death and Texas (2003) as the national anthem singer at a football game. (Official Site)

Other Tiffany-related movie news: A recent documentary, entitled I Think We're Alone Now, discusses and interviews two of the obsessed stalkers Tiffany has attracted.

Tiffany was in a nutritional infomercial, "All The Right Moves", to be aired on various TV channels.

Other TV appearances: She was on Celebrity Fit Club in 2007, and also on Jury Duty (see videos here and here). She made a cameo on How I Met Your Mother, and appears on an episode of Rock & a Hard Place (DirecTV).

Record News

Tiffany is doing a song "It's Okay Boy" with Bylli Crayone on his album Presto: Element of Surprise, to be released February 8th, 2011. [More info]

Tiffany signed with the new record label, 10 Spot, and released a new album, Just Me, on June 5, 2007, with music of an A/C singer/songwriter style. The first single came out on May 1. It will be distributed by Universal and is expected to be heavily marketed. Some new pictures are on the 10 Spot site.

Press Release

Earlier Tiffany record news: Tiffany's 1993 album, Dreams Never Die, which was never originally released in the United States, was re-released by George Tobin, and is available on the CD Baby site. This version has bonus tracks from early Tiffany studio sessions. George Tobin has submitted a note for publication on this site commenting on the DND re-release and responding to various fan criticism. Read it here!

Versailles Records released a Tina Turner tribute album that includes Tiffany singing "What's Love Got To Do With It". Buy it online!

She has also recorded "You've got a way" by Shania Twain for another tribute album.

Tiffany performed along with Second Sun on this group's song, "He Said She Said", which is available on the Apple iTunes music store; use the link below to get it if you have the iTunes software!

Get "He Said She Said" from iTunes

Download iTunes

Tiffany plans a move back to Tennessee

According to this article, Tiffany is looking to purchase a farm in the country in Tennessee, where she plans on making her home. (She lived in Tennessee for a few years in the 1990s while attempting a comeback in country music.)

Kevin Bacon Number

A popular pastime is to calculate the "Kevin Bacon Number" of a celebrity: the number of links necessary, via appearances in movies, to connect the given celebrity with Kevin Bacon. A Web site lets you calculate this for any celebrity in the Internet Movie Database. It turns out that Tiffany brings home the Bacon in only three steps: she was in Jetsons: The Movie (1990) with Frank Welker, who was in Buddy (1997) with Gary A. Hecker, who was in Hollow Man (2000) with Kevin Bacon.

Discoveries, Mysteries & Coincidences

  • A mystery has been solved: "In The Dark" and "Remembering Love" are not connected to "our" Tiffany in any way... they were released by Canadian singer Kimberly Warnock under the stage name "Tiffany" back in the mid '80s. This Web site has some information about her in the "Members" page. In case you're curous about these records anyway, here's the publishing info:
    • "In The Dark": 12" single, [side A] "In The Dark (Club Mix)"; [side B] "In The Dark (Radio Version) / Dub Version" It came in a black sleeve with a hole in the center. There is no writing on the sleeve at all. The label on the vinyl is yellow. Label: Unidisc USA; Produced by Steven Tracey and Glenn Meland; Copyright 1987 Karisma Records.
    • "Remembering Love": Unidisc 12UNI-1126.

  • has reported finding, in a copyright registration file at the Library of Congress, a copyright for "The Collected works of Tiffany Darwish, Loren Goldberg and Colette Rounsaval." There was at one time a song list attached, but it was lost. Apparently according to Colette Rounsaval's mother, the three have formed a band.

  • While I was searching an online database, I ran into an entry in the Library of Congress holdings for a record entitled "A little bit of Tiffany (sound recording)," an analog 33 1/3" RPM, 12" sound disc. It is listed as "Tiffany, vocals and piano; with instrumental acc.", and includes the song titles "Comin' Down Crying," "Happy Losers," "You Chose The Right Moon," (and others that got cut off my printout; the next one starts with "I've Got Your...") The catalog number is Illusion Records CM-1062, and its Library of Congress card number is 94-752827 /R. I have no idea if this is a "lost recording" of Tiffany, or just something by somebody else named Tiffany (I think there was a '60s British singer by that name). No release date is shown, but it was apparently cataloged by the Library of Congress in 1994.

  • If you've come here wondering if Tiffany sang "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" or "Locomotion" (as many people seem to, based on stats in the site's search feature), the answer is "No, she didn't." These songs were sung by Belinda Carlisle and Kylie Minogue respectively. The misconception seems to come from the fact that copies of MP3 files of the songs have wound up on file-trading services with file names that mis-identify them as being from Tiffany. Lots of bogus stuff winds up in those services (sometimes perpetrated by careless or ignorant people, other times intentionally introduced by agents of the music industry trying to put the trading services out of business by filling them with bogus, screwed-up files until people give up on them), and it tends to spread all over the place. A possible origin of the Belinda Carlisle misconception, in particular, is an episode of the sitcom "Out Of This World" (Nov. 17, 1990) in which Tiffany made a guest appearance as the celebrity judge of a music video contest. She didn't sing on that show, and none of her songs were used, but a dream sequence did play a Belinda Carlisle song (which teenage character Evie lip-synched while dreaming she was a pop star), and this might have been what somebody mis-remembered when they attributed the Carlisle song to Tiffany. However, the way I recall it, the Carlisle song used on that show was "Leave A Light On For Me", not "Heaven Is A Place On Earth". I don't know where the idea that Tiffany sang "Locomotion" came from, however, other than that the Kylie Minogue version was popular around the same time as Tiffany's early hits. For that matter, "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" was also a hit around the same time as Tiffany's songs, so maybe this misconception came from somebody misreading a pop chart from that era and mismatching the titles and artists.


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