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  • Once Famous Tiffany page -- basically attacking her as a has-been, in an article full of sloppy spelling and factual errors.


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Tiffany's Friends and Associates (past and present)

  • Doug Aldrich -- band member
  • Grant Geissman performed a guitar solo on Tiffany's second album.
  • Loren Gold -- keyboardist / musical director
  • Matthew Hayes -- Tiffany's assistant. She does backup vocals on a track you can download here.
  • Pam Lewis, Tiffany's former manager.
  • Steven McClintock, writer of several Tiffany songs on her first two albums and the Jetsons soundtrack.
  • George Nastos, lead guitarist for her 2004 tour.
  • Tommy Page opened for Tiffany and NKOTB in their 1989 tour, and had a duet with Tiffany on the overseas-released All The Best album. (I changed this link to the UBL entry for him after finding out that the site I used to link to is now a "Nude Celebrities" site!)
  • Rick Rhodes had a duet with Tiffany on Rick's second album.
  • George Tobin, Tiffany's former manager.

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Other music-related resources:

  • Xenophilia, a California band, met Tiffany, gave her the first copy of their latest CD, and features a picture of her on their front page.
  • NKOTB started out as Tiffany's opening act, and became a big pop craze for a while. Some fans of theirs are still around and have created a web site. (There's a secret word you need to know to get into that place, to try to keep non-fans out!)
  • Vote for your favorite songs in Top Hits Online.
  • Find your favorite artists in The Ultimate Band List.
  • 80s Xchange -- site about the '80s
  • Rock and Roll Collectibles
  • Britney Spears fan site for those of you into a newer (but still old by now...) crop of teen singers.
  • Celebrities Zones -- various celebrity links.

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