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#16: July-Sept. 2000

Here is some of the positive feedback the Tiffany web site has received.

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To: <>
Subject: I'll be there in a heartbeat.
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 00:19:22 +0100

Hiya! I think you run a great site and you have helped me regain my
childhood idol TIFFANY!!!!

I was thinking about how all Tiffany's coolest songs were b-sides 'Heart
Of Love', 'Godda Be Love' 'Mr, Mambo' etc. but most of all my favourite
Tiffany song of all time 'Can't stop a heartbeat.' Kind of why I wrote
to you. Can you tell me what you think of 'Can't stop a heartbeat' in
terms of music and lyrics and vocals? A kind of review from the master :)
I know it was big in Japan....and I am trying to find the Instrumental
version from a Japanese cd .......ugh......hard. Anyways if you could just 
give me all the gossip and loads of info on this song, or any of the others 
I mentioned that would be cool!

From: "RobertPain" <>
To: <>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 02:49:06 -0700

Hey, Just wanted to say thanks for having the site. If it wasn't for
this site I would have never known Tiffany was back
and has a new album, website etc... thanks, ROBERT.

From: "Leo" <>
To: <>
Subject: HI.
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:02:49 -1200



Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 20:50:59 -0700
From: (Anne )
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = Datebook section with questions and answer with Tiffany
For = nicemail

What a surprise to see Tiffany back! After all this time and 
all these memories of hearing her sing on the radio, it is 
nice that she came back. At first, I wasn't a fan of Tiffany 
but now, since she returned with grace, and since, Madonna, 
I have found her to be pleasing, and a enjoyable relief to 
other pop stars that I don't find attractive, or their 
voices sound rather unpolished. Most pop stars, lack voice 
depth, and  musical talent, amongst other thing, and 
advocate their body which I find it rather tastless. Overal 
I am very happy that Tiffany's mother had recovered from her 
ordeal and I would very much like to hear Tiffany sing and 
to make her victorious comeback that will put other so 
called-pop stars to pure embarassment. Tiffany, Welcome 

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 20:54:52 -0700
From: (Misato Brown)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = I missed Tif, and was cruising looking for her news.
For = nicemail

I am from Japan, now living in the U.S., and I am one of 
the biggest fans of Tiffany of 13 years.  I have loved her 
music and adored everything about her, and did everything I 
can do to keep remembering her all these years.  I am so 
thrilled that I found this site and found out that there 
are still so many of you remembering her and adoring her as 
much as I do. It's a wonderful feeling to know that I'm not 
alone!!! God bless you all!

I first met Tiffany in Tokyo, Japan in 1987.  I met her at 
the lobby of the hotel where she was staying.  She was as 
pretty as she can be and as friendly as she can be.  We 
chatted and met couple of more times while she stayed in 
Tokyo promoting her first album.  

Then she came back the following year, and I was sitting in 
the lobby of the hotel waiting for her to arrive.  As she 
enters the lobby, she saw me, and called out my name and 
said "Misato!! So good to see you again!" and introduced me 
to her aunt.  I was completely overjoyed for the fact that 
she remembered my name, it's Japanese and no American 
people could memorize it before.  She sure is a smart 
person.  Later in 1994, her husband Junior indeed said 
that "she has a great memory, it works for me since I don't 
remember anything!" :-)  (He is a sweetheart...)

Over the years, I have met her many, many times and I 
attended all of her concerts in Japan until the last one in 
1994.  We met again in Osaka and we had lunch at the Hard 
Rock Cafe with her husband and their adorable son Elijah, 
and Junior's mother.  Later I attended her live twice that 
night which was the greatest live I have ever been to.  She 
was awesome, her vocal was the best it can be. Everyone 
there were stunned by her singing.  I also really 
appreciate her efforts to show her appreciation to her fans 
even though she's got so many, she always tries to show it 
the best she can.  Every time I attended her concerts, she 
always commented between the songs about me, thanking me 
for coming to her concert, referring me as her "best 
friend" even though I'm not, I'm just one of her biggest 
fans, which always made me cry.  She doesn't have to do 
that.  She also dedicated "Hold on to an old friend's hand" 
to me at the concerts.  She also wrote me some letters 
later after I moved to the States from Japan.  And I'm 
sure, she has no idea how much it touched my heart.  Not 
only to me, she is so caring to everyone, every time.  I'm 
sure that there's a lot of fans out there who's been 
touched by her kindness forever.  I really appreciate her 
efforts, and I really adore her for her musical talent and 
as a human being.  She is a wonderful, devoted Mother to 
her son Elijah, too.  Her family is lucky to have her.  And 
we are lucky to have her and be able to share her music, 
and lucky that she is coming back to give us more wonderful 
memories we will never forget for the rest of our lives.

  Tiffany, if you ever read this, I want you to know that I 
am still here, as I always has been for 13 years, and I 
will always be here.  I really adore you and your music.  
Thanks for coming back, I will be the first in line to 
attend your next concert!!!!  I promise you, you are always 
in my heart.  Thanks for everything.  
God bless, 

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 17:34:51 -0700
From: ??? (Matthew)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = Howard Stern
For = nicemail

Hi Tiffany,
I'm 18 years old and just wanted to let you know I think 
you're very good looking.

Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 22:18:10 -0700
From: CHADRAVEN2@HOTMAIL.COM (chad anderson)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = ubl
For = nicemail

 hi Tiffany  i saw you in a magazine are you the only 
female pop singer to have a come back  as a pop singer it 
is kinda a strange that when i went to see britney spears 
on june 23, 2000 live  in buffalo ny   im from Rochester 
ny  it was a trip to get there i took my self  from  a bus 
to a cab and to the concert afterwards when it got over my 
cab never came suppose to take me back on cab and bus back 
to the Rochester ny so i had to wait from 10.30 pm until 
2.30 pm  but the next day of the sudden  felt like i was at 
your concert but i never been to your concert does it mean 
are you going to tour with britney spears for her 3rd album 
when it comes out .

Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 11:57:46 -0700
From: (amber delaguardia)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = just searching internet
For = nicemail

Tiffany sighting!!  I was driving down Santa Monica 
Boulevard this morning (in West Hollywood) and I saw Miss 
Tiffany crossing the street, headed towards Circus of 
Books.  She stumbled at the curb almost falling in front of 
a car.  She was with a large man who looked like a 
bodyguard who immeidately grabbed her, pulling her to 
safety.  Apparently she wasn't too scared becuase she 
laughed uproariously.  She had a toddler strapped to her 
back in some sort of a "baby back-pack" type thing.  
Traffic was moving slowly enough that I could yell out my 
window at her.  I shrieked "Hi Tiffany!" and she waved back 
with a great big smile.  She's hardly changed since the 
80's.  Still has that gorgeous red hair.  Oh, and she had a 
small dog with her.  It looked like a Yorkie.  It was 
smaller than the toddler.  Bye!  I hope she didn't go 
inside Circus of Books becuase all they carry is gay 
pornography.  But there are a bunch of cool nail places and 
fashion stores in the neighborhood, too -- that's probably 
where she was headed.  I wish she'd sing again.

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 04:28:05 -0700
From: (Paul Kent)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = On the "Yahoo" website
For = nicemail

Hi, Tiffany. How are you and what have you and what have 
you been up to since we heard you in the hit-parade for the 
very last time way back in 1989? (Nobody has heard anything 
from you for nigh-on 12 years now!) I have every record you 
ever made on C.D, and every time I hear one of your songs, 
(especially "Could've Been," I end up with tears in my 
eyes, not only because the lyrics in that song are so 
beautiful, but because hearing you takes me right back to 
the 80's and my childhood- those were the days, where have 
they all gone? I miss you terribly!- Don't get me wrong, I 
love Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera to pieces, but 
none of neither of them come close to being a match for you,
and as for Billie Piper, well I think she's bang out of 
order! She's ripping you off in every way possible, e.g. on 
your records, you only ever used your first name, and now 
Billie's doing the same, (Britney and Christina use both 
names on their records!) And her style is a blatant rip-off 
of yours, the best example of this is her song "She Wants 
You," it sounds so much like "I Think We're Alone Now," 
it's unbelievable!) I know that if you made a comeback now, 
you'd knock all these other "so called" pop princesses for 
six, and I know that for a fact! The only one who may come 
out of it all with a part smile on her face is Britney, but 
even she'd be hanging on for dear life! When your career 
was in trouble back in '89, I think that the way your "so 
called" fans treated you was disgusting- They weren't there 
for you when you needed the the most, your real fans were 
probably frantically going out buying your records to try 
and help save your career, and they were probably heart-
broken when your career ended, I know I went to pieces! I 
miss you so much, my life hasn't been they same without 
you, make a comeback soon.

Luv ya!!!

Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2000 17:20:35 EDT
Subject: I'm Not Sleeping

radio here in VA has picked up the new single, I gotta say, 
she's sounding 
even better than ever these days
this tune is sure to be a hit


From: "sanae j" <>
To: <>
Cc: <>
Subject: little talk on tiffany
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 13:35:25 +0700

My name is Sanae, I'am on of Tiff big fan from Thailand.I've just seen
your web page.I'am so glad that still have all Tiff fan around the
world.Tiffany was quite famous in Thailand (Bangkok) on her second
album;Hold an old friend's hand ,a single hit was All this time and raio
romance when she had once to concert in Bangkok about late in 1988,she
herself quite known as teenage popular but after her second album which
is very quite on New inside album no any pomo or any ads ,afterthat 5
years later, she had a few hit on if love is blind's single that she had
a concert here again in Bangkok on Taurus pub(also some interview on
radio station on line from Singapore) where known as in sukumnvit 
road,I've not joined those 2 concerts  but I heard the good feed back
from some magazine said about her performed on stage.I think the feed
back on her latest new comming album here will be good ,there is some
tiffany fan remain here including me.

Now I'am on vacation in Chiangmai (The north province in Thailand where
have so many great place like water fall ,hill and old culture) I'am not
strong in English eventhough I had learn it since in school.

If you have any futher information about tiffany or just want to have
other conversation please contact me at 

Thank you  (kuab kun krab, a word mean thank you in Thai)

Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 11:42:50 -0700
From: (Ron Simison)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = It's been so long I really can't remember
For = nicemail

I just wanted to say that I am overjoyed at the news that 
Tiffany has a new album coming out. You can be assured that 
I will be the first one in Indianapolis with a copy. I only 
would make one request to Tiffany: Don't sell yourself out. 
She has an incredible voice and to hear her going the way 
of most of todays low class entertainers is below her. I 
can listen to her and come out on top any virtually any 
situation and have been put to the test, to lose that 
becuase a fickle society deems that they need more. To be 
"all that" is to lose ones own self and agree to what 
someone else believes. Who gets to start telling the masses 
what to believe? Advertisers, MTV, Radio and  Television 
executives. They are the real youth of our world, 
unfortunatly for the younger generation they are nothing 
close to kids. Tiffany I love you and support you and am 
not alone be you, let Brittany worry abouot the crowds!!

Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2000 09:30:30 -0700
From: (Maria Larkman)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = net search
For = nicemail

 We're two huge tiffany fans from the uk!! We get so behind 
on the latest news living across the pond. It would be great 
if anyone could e_mail any new info that they hear about 
Tiff and her family!!!
   Hope to hear from you other Tiffany fans soon!!
                Rebecca & Maria 

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 21:44:18 -0700
From: (Dara)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = Through Yahoo searchh engine.
For = nicemail

     Wow!!  I have not thought about Tiffany since I was 6 
or 7 years old and now I am 19.  I saw her in concert back 
then.  Also, had and still have some of her albums on 
tape.  Plus, I have her greatest hits album on cd.  For a 
while there I thought she was long gone.  She was awesome 
at the time she came out.  I remember listening ot her on 
my cassete player and on my Pocket Rocker ( remmeber 

   I was surprised to read on the net how big of a fan base 
she still has.  Also, I am excited that she is making a 
comeback with a new album.  Hearing about the new album 
brought back memories of the concert and listening to 
Tiffany.  I remember so little about her concert being 6 or 
at the time and all.  My Mom told me it was Fairleigh 
Dickison University Gym.  Everyone was standing on the 
folding chairs.  It was my first concert.  Her opening band 
was her own band playing Monkee songs.  Tiffany came out 
and I thought she waved to me!  The rest is a blur.  I 
remember at the time my mom buying me a teeshirt at the 

     Then one time she bought be a jean jacket with pink in 
it.  Since I saw Tiffany wear one and I wanted one just 
like it! Wow....think about Tiffany was my idol at the time 
and always will be.  Hope her new album is a success!!  I 
will be the first on line to buy it!!  That's for sure!!

Return-Path: <dantobias>
Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 09:38:44 -0700
From: (Vincent)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
For = nicemail

I'm very excited about her coming back!
I can't wait to hear her new songs and buy it!

Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2000 14:12:46 EDT
Subject: RE: A true fan

 Keep me on your mailing list for any updates....Im so into 
Tiffany and all this time I thought I was the only one.

Alex C.

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 10:48:17 -0700
From: (Patrick Bragdell)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = I just search on Tiffany and I ended up here.
For = nicemail

I think this site is great.
Iīm from Sweden and unfortunately Tiffany arenīt so famous 
here. So this is great with this website then I can see 
whatīs happening with  Tiffany I think this web is great.

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 21:03:24 -0700
From: (April)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
For = nicemail

  WOW!  I'd forgotten all about Tiffany.  She use to be my 
FAVORITE singer.  That was when I was in 6th grade a long 
time ago.  I seen her on's web site.  I read 
that she will be having a new CD out.  I can't wait to get 
it.  Im happy to see shes back and theres a web site for 
her.  Im happy nobody forgot about her.

  I love the site its really nice.

 - April

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 19:34:04 -0700
From: (Tamara VanGuilder)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = i was surfing the web

i think tiffany is a great singer,she knows what she is 
singing about.her songs come from the heart.she has a lot 
of tallent also.if you want some music its definetly 

Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2000 03:31:59 +0100

Hi i just want to say keep up the good work with the websight 
your doing us
Tiffany fans proud!!!!
<^..^> GiZ <^..^>

Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2000 19:26:49 -0700
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = Searched
For = nicemail

just had to when i found out my favourate popstar was BACK 
AT LAST.I first heard of Tiffany when i was at school and 
she was singing live in NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE (UK) in ELDON 
SQUARE at the time i hated music full stop never bothered 
with it but i heard of this new singer and i was fixed she 
is so talented i immediately went out and bought the record 
and to date i have 4 cd albums all her uk 12" and 
7 "records and i fully intend to get her new stuff as soon 
as its out.Tiffs music has helped me through real bad times 
it give me hope in a time of serious illness and she always 
will be number one in my eyes no other artist has ever come 
close.I just want to say a massive THANKYOU to TIFFANY if 
she does read this sight and that you ARE HERE IN OUR 
HEARTS always.

You have our full support TIFFANY on your comeback and i 
myself want to say a huge thankyou for the strength your 
music has given me when i was seriously ill.Im certain 
everyone that writes on here will agree with me when i say 
Xx GiZ Xx

Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:59:14 -0700
From: (David  Whitley)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = I was surfing  looking for Tiffany info when i 
found you.
For = nicemail

   I am from the UK and i was a big fan of Tiffanys when i 
was younger(still am).
I was digging through my record collection when i found 
HOLD AN OLD FRIENDS HAND the memorys came flooding back.
I cant stop playing it.
Just ordered Tiffanys first album over the internet and i 
hope to find more of her work in the coming months.
It is nice to see a sight dedicated to her and i hope you
will email me and lett me know any developments and if she 
records anything new.

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 14:07:16 -0700
From: (Daphne)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = at
For = nicemail

I am a fan of Tiffany and I luv this site. It's great.

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 13:50:10 -0700
From: (Julia Rockett)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = Searched for it on Yahoo
For = nicemail

I would just like to say what a fantastic site this is.  I 
had now idea that there's so many people out there who 
still love Tiffany.

I'm from the UK and I've been a massive fan of Tiffany 
since 1987.  She hasn't released any new songs over here 
for over 10 years and I haven't been able to find out what 
she's been up to all this time, until now!  I'm so pleased 
to hear that she's releasing a new album soon, I can't wait!

I still listen to her old albums all the time, her voice is 
amazing and her songs still sound so fresh.  Me and my best 
friend love to sing "I Think We're Alone Now" when it's 
Kareoke night at the pub (I don't think we do her justice 

Good luck with your new album, Tiffany, I'm sure it will be 
a massive success!

Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 13:01:37 -0700
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
For = nicemail


From: "Lisa Robertson" <>
To: <>
Subject: all time fan
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 12:18:49 -0500

I know you might not really see this for yourself , but I would like to
say that I am a really big fan of yours and I always wanted to meet you.
The meeting part might never happen but at least write me back or send a
picure of yourself.
  I live in a small town in ILL,called Peoria, and when you first came
out with your song  " HOLD AN OLD FRIENDS HAND " I cried the first time
I heard that. It touched my heart very deeply. It reminded me of the
problems that I was going threw at that time in my life, you touched me
like you touched millions of people with your love songs. Keep going
strong with your music and your tallent in voice.
  I also would like to let you know that you are so pretty and I have
always had this really big crush on you , Im happy in love with my wife
Lisa , but I will always love the pretty face and voice of one of the
worlds greatest singers TIFFANY!

P.S. This will come up as my wifes Email acct. but she knows that Im a
big time fan. So please write back.

                                                All Time Fan,
                                             Dewaine L Robertson

Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:25:14 -0700
From: (Joey)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = Yahoo
For = nicemail

There is a definite excitement in the air for all of us 
Tiffany fans at the moment.  Everywhere I look I here of 
Tiffany's comeback.  I know I'll be one of the first on 
September 26th to buy her new album.  I loved the excerpt 
of "Open My Eyes" that I saw on VH1's Where Are They Now?
I hope she knows that she's been missed, and let's all get 
out there on August 28th to buy her first single!
A True Fan,

Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 13:23:08 -0700
From: (Samuel Lardizabal)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound =
For = buysell

Hello, I've been trying to find the 12"mix of Tiffany's "I 
Think We're Alone Now".  I've listened to her regular 
version of that song which is only about 4 minutes and the 
mix is about 6+ minutes.  I'm looking for her mix (6+) 
version to download.  Is there a way that I can download 
her mix version?

Please let me know ASAP. Thanks

Samuel :0)

Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 21:40:05 -0700
From: (mick)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = search
For = buysell

i would like to buy a video of tiffani performing her 
songs,i think we're alone now, could have been me, spanish 
eyes, and i saw him standing there.  if these are available 
for purchase contact me. 

From: <>
To: <>
Subject: radio jerusalem - israel
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 03:14:01 +0300

We really hope to here new songs from her soon.
send her a good luck from all of her fans in israel!

Return-Path: <dantobias>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 11:42:36 -0700
From: (Martin Chavez)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = Infoseek
For = nicemail

I was surfin Napster and found a lot of the song I used to 
listen to when I was in the Army at Ft. Sam Houston, TX in 
Oct./Nov. of '87. One of the being Tiffany's "I think we're 
alone now." It brought back some very pleasant memories. 

ThanX for the good Music, Tiffany.

Return-Path: <dantobias>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 10:10:47 -0700
From: (Mike Boutilier)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
For = nicemail

I would like to receive some email/newletters to keep me up 
to date on the latest and greatest tiffany topics!

Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 06:38:03 -0700
From: (Rachel)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = Through CDNow!!
For = nicemail

Hi there, i was 'surfing' the net and came across this 
site. I was a huge Tiffany fan throughout my youth and it 
is great to see that there are still people out there who 
are still supporting her.

Please email me, i would love to know more and perhaprs get 
hold of some new Tiffany material.

Hope to hear from you all soon ( i am in the UK)


Date: Sun, 23 Jul 2000 14:06:52 -0700
From: (Keessie)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = Found it through
For = nicemail

Fantastic that you guys keep the dream alive!
I was shocked by the detailed information about Tiffany 
here, quotes, bibliography, etc.
I hope her new contract will give her enough joy in life 
and that it may become a great hit, like "i think we're 
alone now"!

Take care, and keep the good work up!

Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 06:35:00 -0700
From: (Rich)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = Searched for it
For = nicemail

Great site! I'm glad to see that some people still care 
about good music!!!! Keep it up!!!!!

Return-Path: <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 22:34:00 EDT
Subject: (no subject)

I was inspired by Tiffany from her release.  Never have I forgotten her, in 
fact I listen to her CD's like they were new to me.  I enjoy every word, and 
every beat.

I have just found out that she has been signed on to Modern Records, which, 
when I found out the Stevie Nicks was part owner, didn't suprise me - due to 
the fact that Stevie has always been her idol.

The press release indicated that her new single would be released in May, 
however, I have not heard a thing.  I'm assuming they would release it in 
Canada, so I can't understand why it's not being played.  

I assure you that her new management and promotions will make her the success 
to put everyone else to shame.  I have absolutely NO dought. 

Please, anyone, if you have information pertaining to her new single, album, 
tour, etc. Do not hesitate to email me.

Thank you very much

p.s and don't kid yourself by thinking that Tiffany does not read this 
fanmail, even though it is not directly linked to her. She does, she is 
scared about being a success, and we are her encouragement.  Good luck 
Tiffany, you will be the best - there is a market longing for your style, and 
your record company has recognized this.  


From: "William Marlett" <>
To: <>
Subject: my child
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 16:55:38 -0400

Tiffany,I would like to tell you.I named my daughter after you.Your 
birthday is two days before hers.I was watching TV, in the hospitial,and 
seen you.So i named her Tiffany.This was back in 1988.

                      Thank you.       michelle

If you could,can you send a picture of you.

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 21:12:06 -0700
From: (Michael)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = browsing
For = nicemail

Hi, this is a short and simple comment, great site, i 
didn't know there'd be sites online about tiffany.., i grew 
up listening to her music, she really inspired me.., and 
listening to her music reminds me of all those great times 
as a kid, so if tiffany reads this, thanks tiffany for 
making such great music. 

Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 06:31:08 -0700
From: (Daniel Underwood)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound = the web
For = nicemail

Tiffany you are the best!! - I have always loved you and 
your music and it is so unfair that all these newcomers 
like Christina Aguillera have taken what should be yours!!!!

I love this site and it is one of my bookmarks now!! It is 
nice to see there are so many people out there with great 
taste in music.

best wishes 


Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 21:32:10 -0700
From: (Nickey)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound =
For = nicemail

Believe it or not, I'm Tiffany's cousin, and I just want to 
congradulate you guys on such a great page.

Return-Path: <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 00:38:49 EDT
Subject: Her Last Name

I'm related to her...well we're second cousins....anyways her 
last name is spelled: Darwish.

Just to let you know,

Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 18:25:19 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: WOW!

 I wondered wht happened to you! What have you been up to ? 
We lovedyou.
E-Mail back

From: "Chang Carolyn" <>
Subject: tiffany Fans From Malaysia
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2000 13:52:21 GMT
Mime-Version: 1.0

Dear Webmaster@Tiffany,

  I would Like to say thank you. you made great website for 
Tiffany. I do a lot collection in Tiffany as follows:-
Album cassettes, news, photo, vedio concert (Japan), vedio and 
some concert live for Tiffany.

I Have some picture & news which i collect it few years ago. 
Some of the picture was taken when tiffany having her promotion in Malaysia.
I hope you can show this to all (Tiffany Fans around the world).

If you received this please inform me. this is my 1st time sent 
picture to other person. So, i hope you will receive This.

I can't sent all the picture once. Next time,l'll sent it to 
you again.

Please contect me at :

You can call me Laila.

Webmaster's Note: The pictures are online in this site.

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