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#21: June 2003 - June 2004

Here is some of the positive feedback the Tiffany web site has received.

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Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 11:50:04 -0700
From: (john balisteri)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

on 4 /23 /04 i seen tiffany for the first time in my life
she was terrific she performed at club infinity
willamsville buffalo n.y . area she was fabulas she opened
the show with the song crazy orginally recored by patsy
cline than resang by leann rimes  tiffanys performance was
terrific it was the best time of my life she seen that i
brought my old door poster of her in 1987 she was thrilled
she had me come up and she sang hold an old friends hand to
me it ment the world to me . tiffany in my words is still
the best shes great and the radio stations have to start
playing her again but she needs are help for the requests
her new song im not sleeping and piss u off is good . piss
u off she dedicated to her ex husband in the concert and
she got a big round of appalse but most of all tiffany was
neat terrific and down to earth we took so many pictures
together and it was teffific she signed my cd the color of
silence and she signed my poster  tiffany said her new
album with her new song talk dirty to me is due in the
early month of january of 2005 but til than if you dident
buy the color of silence do so and ill love it any one
selling tiffany materials videos concert or the album
dreams never die please write to me johnbali1
thank you and god bless

Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 22:08:01 -0700
From: (vanness)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

WhereFound: surfing via google

i always admire tiffany as she is very talented and pretty
as well.

Date: Thu, 27 May 2004 19:15:36 -0700
From: (Nick)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound: Searcing
For: nicemail

Did anyone saw Tiffany @ Fine Line Cafe in Mpls. MN I was there. I gave
Tiffany my Hollywood Squares sweeter I've bought on Ebay. Tiffany wore it.I told
her that Debbie Gibson wore it. Tiffany rub my sweeter on her body. Tiffany also
signed my CD. Her hands were soft. I think Tifant had a cruch on me.

Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 16:07:14 -0700
From: (John Kovats)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound: web
For: nicemail

Tiffany is fantastic!! She has the most amazing voice. It
has such a uniquely rich fullness about it. I truly
appreciate the Tiffany updates that your site provides as I
find it hard to find current material about Tiff. Your
updates are both timely and current. I hope that she
continues to tour and record for a long time. Her fans are
very loyal, and she's very loyal to her fans. I look
forward to seeing her in concert in the near future. Any
word on new material coming out? Is she still with Modern?
Do you think she ever come to Canada?

a loyal fan,
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 00:26:21 EDT
Subject: tiffanys high school yearbook

norwalk ,california.

my dad boght it for me years ago. i met tiffany inLas vegas.i flewy 3
thosound miles,from virgin islands!!!.she was really n
sweet and open.she told me somuch. her voice still ffects me... i would pick
her instead of shania who i nice 2 c hear a again.

Dont tell heaven where u been,,needing love is not a sin.

Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 01:35:04 -0700
From: (Stelios Kraloglou)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

Great job with the site!!! Nice to know someone keeps up
with tiff (she rules!). Very helpful infos. It's hard to
keep  with her career here in Greece but with the site I
am up to date. I have some publicity photo of her made in
1987 for the first album. I ll try to scan them and send
be e mail if anyone wants


Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 11:09:23 -0700
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

Hi Tiffany it sure has been a long time. I just want to
congratulate you on your success and Im glad things are
going great for you. Ive been woundering how you have been
it's been about 10yrs now or maybe even more but i just
want say hi and hope to see you soon

From: "TAWillson" <>
To: <>
Subject: Tiffany at The Maintenance Shop in Ames, IA on March 27th, 2004
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:04:50 -0600

I saw Tiffany this past weekend in Ames, Iowa at The Maintenance Shop.
All I can say is "WOW!"  I was right in front of the stage and was blown
away by her intimate performance.  I never had the opportunity to
see/hear her live until now, and it will always be a night to remember.
She sang, in order:

2.Could've Been
3.Open My Eyes
4.Love is Blind
5.Piss U Off
6.Hold an Old Friend's Hand
7.Talk Dirty to Me
8.I Saw Him Standing There
9.I Think We're Alone Now
11.Keep Love Alive
12.Bobby McGee

After the show, being right in front of the stage, I noticed she left
her playlist on the floor, so I grabbed it and had her autograph it.
She was very personable and radiated friendliness.  I can't wait for her
new album to come out this June!  I was so blown away by her performance
that I am going to travel to see her Sioux City, IA show on April 10th.
See ya there, Tiffany!

Troy Willson

Des Moines, IA

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2004 14:50:50 -0800
From: (Sue)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

Just like to say I just attended a Tiffany concert at the
Royal Grove in Lincoln, NE.  It was the best I have ever
been to.  Tiffany treated all her fans wonderful. She
didn't just give her music, she gave all who attended
something else in return. My daughters and I were touching
the stage and while Tiffany sang she shook hands with the
ones should could and also allowed pictures with her fans
while she was singing on stage.  She was so full of smiles
and afterwards we all got to take photographs with her and
get her autograph. She even talked with us and answered
questions from the audience. It was aboulutely exciting
and a great evening I'll cherish forever.  Tiffany told us
her new Album will be coming out in June of 2004. I can't
wait to purchase it.  Tell every one! You can go to to get her tour dates. Sue

From: "david chochol" <>
Subject: rencontre
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 09:46:58 +0000

je me permet de vous envoyer ce message depuis le cour en 
belgique en esperent avoir un message de votre par et je tien a 
vous signalez que dans 3 mois je vais pouvoir vous faire 
concurence sur le internet avec mon site

chochol david

Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 15:58:21 -0800
From: (charlene booher)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

My name is charlene booher im 27and
a big fan of tiffanys since ''i think were alone
now,i like this site cuz your give options of
what site you want to go into.

Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 03:46:02 -0800
From: (Greg Evilive98 Fultz)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

Hey To let you Know Tiffany Is schelduled To do A show In
Terre Haute,IN In April @ The Ms.Extremes Bar&Grill

If Your In the Area Be Sure To Contact Ms.Extremes For
Exact Date And Times Thanks You have A Great Site!

From: "david chochol" <>
Subject: rencontre du troisiemes types
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 13:39:20 +0000

ma tiffany

je técris pour te dire que je t'aimais ,je t'aime et je t'aimerai et quoi
que tu fasse je t'attend dans les moidre requoin de lespace je t'attend (
parole de francir cabrel )

Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 18:59:18 -0800
From: (Zdravko)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

Dear Dan,

I'd like to write down my impressions on your web site
about Tiffany. First of all, I would like to say that
I didn't now nothing about Tiffany before. I find out
about your site very unintentionally, but I was amazed
how you done it. I mean, if every music star would have
a site like this, all the fans in the world would be
more than just happy, they would be truly satisfied!
I mean, clean navigation, clear texts, rich and only
the most important information, without obsolete things,
full disography, done really impressivly, clearly, with
all the necesery information, with pictures of same great
quality and resolution (and not from here and there), I
must say that this is one of the sites where my browsing
was a genuine and vivid pleasure. Keep up the good work!
I feel like this is the official Tiffany's web site!
I once listend to a cd, and I just remembered that the
artist's name was Tiffany. I later, tried to found more
information, specially for that cd (it end up to be "All
The Best") and found a really great and dreamy web site,
without unsufficient things, but with all the important
and awesome done work about a music star - Tiffany!
You truly raised the spirit about Tiffany's career.
I will try to find some of her albums, though I know
that they are hard to find, but could you reccomend
few of the best Tiffany's CD's, so I can start my search.

Thank you so much!

Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 14:49:17 -0800
From: "S.Wilson" <>
Subject: Previous Tours

I was wondering if you could help me with a question about her previous tours. I
wanted to know when she appeared in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I was
at the show and know it was at the Pacific Colisum. I was hoping you would have
a date, and the opening act.

Thank you,

Scott Wilson

From: "david chochol" <>
Subject: contac
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 15:49:18 +0000

ma tiffany je vous souhaite une bonne années malgré le menque de
considération de votre par mes je tien a vous signalez que personne ne
m'empéchera de vous écrire le baron chochol david votre admirateur

Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2003 22:01:58 -0800 (PST)
From: "S. Buchholz" <>
Subject: Tiffany

You have a relly nice website about Tiffany
i try to visit all the time. Her website at they do not have
any new new's or the store is not open it said coming soon well it has been a
year. You keep up the good work with your website. Thank's Shawn Buchholz

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 20:03:00 -0800
From: (Alejandro Amaya)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

Hace unos días buscando en mi baul de Cassetes encontré el
primer album de Tiffany, me puse a escucharlo y me trajo
gratos recuerdos de mi adolescencia. Y decidi buscar datos
sobre tiffany en internet, y encontré ,oh
sorpresa la mia. Que gusto saber que aun sigues cantando.
Que hermoso "don" te ha dado Dios. Sigue adelante Tifany!

Saludos desde Argentina.

Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 21:18:20 -0800
From: (Rich)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

I think it's terrible they won't play Tiffany's new stuff
anymore it's not fair.It would be cool if she could do a
duet with Deborah Gibson or Ozzy Osbourne etc...Tiffany if
you're reading this.I think yopu should be heard on the
radio.Tiffany rocks!!!!Rich

Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 13:57:05 -0800
From: (Al Beasley)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

I am a professional musician, originally from Alaska. In
1981 I had the pleasure of backing up a young (10 year old)
country singer at Larry's Club in Kenai, Alaska, by the
name of Tiffany Rene Darwisch. I still have a promotional T-
Shirt from her tour, with her picture and the words "Love
that Country Music" on it, and pictures from her

Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 05:55:55 -0700
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback


Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 11:59:49 -0700
From: (Brandon)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

Unless I missed something, I didn't see any mention of
Tiffany's guest appearence on Krayzie Bone's second solo
album 'Thug On Da Line'. She is on the track "Talk To

Just thought you should know.

By the way, I'm a fan of Krayzie (& Bone Thugs N Harmony).

Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 03:58:36 -0700
From: (Alison)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

I have been a fan of tifffany and her best song were
Could've been and I am alone now.


Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2003 02:18:18 -0700
From: (candace)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

I so can not believe that Tiffany is doing so well and not
being just one of those earlier singers who just fall
through the cracks and are just another name. It's fabulous
that she has the drive and determination to continue
gracing her fans with her lovely voice and big heart. I
wish her all the luck in the world on her 'comeback', not
sure if that's what you call it since she never really left
to begin with??
Congratulations on sticking through it all and being
yourself, may all your fans know that you are there for
them and them for you.

From: "david chochol" <>
Subject: rencontre
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2003 17:32:04 +0000

salut ici c'est david de belgique rue du baron dubois 2 boite 27,7020
maisières et je temai a vous dire que je vous aime énormément mais je suis
un peux désus de l'apparence que avez maitenant je vous préféres avec vos
long cheveux roux bouler ondulé du temps de radio romance. jespaire que vous
allez bien et je tien a vous dire que je suis a la recherche de vos photo
sur le net et je tien a mescusé pour l'anglais.... le roi david

Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 08:59:52 -0700
From: (LEELOO)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound: google
For: nicemail

Hello !

I am a french girl who loved TIFFANY in the late 80's...
and I am very happy to see that she still sing in the US...
She made my adolescent life very happy and I find it sad
that in France we can't find out her discs...

Carry on with this site : it helps me discover who TIFFANY
has become now !!!

And please excuse my so bad english....

Lots of love from LEELOO

Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 13:00:34 +0530 (IST)
Subject: About your website -


I had the pleasure of visiting your website "".  I was 
impressed to see that you have created such a well designed site 
for Tiffany, the vocalist.  The news & info section is 
interesting and has been described well and gives us a clear 
overview of her life and career. The pages of your site has a 
great background with Tiffany's  pictures on it. The music 
section containing the list of songs and other related data is 
very informative.  I would take this opportunity to appreciate 
your efforts in creating such a wonderful site.  I am sure that, 
a good hosting platform will help in enhancing your site.

[hosting ad snipped]

With Best regards,
Sabrina Rodriguez

Webmaster's Note: Thanks for your compliments, but I'm perfectly happy with my current Web hosting, and have no interest in switching.

Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 07:26:29 -0700
From: nobody (John Bull)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

WhereFound: Did a search for 'old times' sake!
For: nicemail

Ah, yes! Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany! The Yank bird from the
late eighties who had hits like 'I Think We're Alone Now'
and 'Radio Romance'. I remember admiring her singing
talents and everything else as a young, teenage,
schoolboy... Ahem!

Yep, she wowed us over in the U.K. too with a powerful
singing voice, cheeky good looks, her surprisingly young
(16 years-old) age and an audacious approach to setting up
her concerts in Shopping Centres. Marvellous!

Oh, Tiff, old gal! Where have you been the last thirteen
years? Did you spend your 'wilderness' years touring or
writing songs in some hideout somewhere?

Anyway, it's good to see that she's still recording music
and singing after all this time. Whatever happened to her
follow Yank teenybopper Debbie Gibson? Haven't heard
anything from her in a long time…

The Playboy thing was a bit cheeky, eh! I could never look
her photo in the eye after that. After all, I always knew
the teenager Tiffany. Oh hum, I guess that's life!

Cheers mate!

John Bull
England (greatest country in the World)

From: "Rick West" <>
To: <>
Subject: Story/Images of Interest
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 12:09:33 -0700

Good afternoon,

I was just online and found your site.  Good job!  I wanted to let you know
that I am currently working on a story about Tiffany's performance at the
Santa Cruz Boardwalk along with images I took last week on July 18th.  The
story should be up with a link from our main page at within the next couple of hours.

The images may not be taken from our site, but if you'd like, you are more
than welcome to link to our site (or even specifically, the page the story
is on) for your readers.  This may or may not be of interest to you - but I
just wanted to pass it along and extend a friendly hello.  :-)

The show was great, and Tiffany was a real crowd pleaser!  She's a cutie and
was much better than I anticipated!

Rick West

Theme Park Adventure

From: "Shelene Ramos" <>
To: <>
Subject: Tiffany in Norwalk
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2003 00:27:21 -0700

Hey, I was just on your site and was reading the biography on Tiffany, it
said various sources have said Tiffany was born in Norwalk, California.
I lived in Norwalk all my life and  my uncle use to live next door to her
and her mother in some apartments. I don't know if she was born here but
she certainly grew up here.

Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 10:22:28 -0700
From: (Jeff Gorwaiz)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

For: nicemail



From: "N.Heath" <>
To: <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2003 18:44:36 +0100

To webmaster
Im only 15, i dont think i was born when my fave song came out ( i think
were alone now) it was only a couple of years ago my mum put this really
cool song on  (i think were alone now) and i wanted to know what it was,
she told me and ever since me and my best LOVE IT....keep it up

From: "stuart POWELL" <>
To: <>
Subject: our tiff.
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 14:50:23 +0100

what a fabulous site, bringing all Tiffany fans together. I have been a
fan since....1987, that makes me feel old......and i must say the best
song Tiffany as ever done is Here In My Heart, that song still pulls on
the heart strings everytime i hear it. I have to ply it full blast so i
apologise to the neighbours now, and the rest of Wales, but hey! Tiffany
is to be heard....Stuart  (North Wales)..

emails welcome;

Date: Mon, 30 Jun 2003 13:01:55 -0700
From: (Sharon)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback

WhereFound: Didn't - just did a "Tiffany" search!
For: nicemail

Dear Tiffany,

I recently saw your story on TV, about what you went
through as the result of your early pop career.  I just
want to tell you how very proud of you I am that you made
it through all the obstacles, and let you know how sorry I
am that you had to endure the problems you did. I have
observed so many teen pop stars, and I always worry about
the adults around them, and whether or not they really care
about what is in thier kids'/clients' best interests!  I'm
not a celebrity, and I have never had any desire to be one,
I don't know how you guys do it!  It all seems so
obtrustive and even scary, the way fans can be, and having
to navigate whether people around you are trustworthy?

The main point I want to convey to you is, when you were
going through all of the trouble, there were SO many people
who would've helped you out, me included.  The truth is, I
wasn't a fan of your music, but you were just a kid and
deserved better protection and advice from the people you
were depending on, then,now and forever.

Keep pursuing your dreams with confidence!

Best wishes!  Sharon (37, Orange County, CA)

From: "Jack Reeves" <>
To: <>
Subject: visit on facts
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 14:00:41 -0700

I am Jack Reeves,  an entertainer that did one of the first shows
Tiffany ever did when she was nine years old and your fact are a little
off . I was the one who booked Tif in Alaska and also at the supposed to
be Jerry Lee Lewis and George Jones show in San Antonio, Texas . Jerry
Lee Lewis was not on the show as he was in the hospital near death the
night of the show. George Jones finally made the show with us but was an
hour and a half late getting started due to alcohol. You might want
straighten up that fact that Jerry Lee dinfinately was not on the show
in Texas. Anyway Tiffany is like my daughter and I just wanted to see
your story corrected , A lot of things has been printed about her that
has not been correct and she's a dear young lady that my family and I
love dearly so I thought you might want to straighten that part of your
story out. Sincerely, Jack Reeves

From: "Vanessa VanDewalli" <>
To: <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 21:41:43 -0400


Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 18:04:24 -0700
From: (Amy Darwish)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound: I just typed in the name darwish and came to this site
For: nicemail

Tiffany Darwish, I swear to goodness I am your cousin.  I
think i'm your 3rd cousin.  Your Grandmother Julia was my
Grandpa's first cousin. I have pictures of you with My
Grandpa Darwish, Grandma, and my Aunt Peggy.  I could send
them to you if you'd like, or atleast send copies. So there
I actually have proof how are connected.  I always watched
for you as a kid.  You kinda game me strength.. from one
red hear to another, it's hard being a red-headed kid!!
LOL  Well, I hope you read this, otherwise I dont think I
will be able to get ahold of you.  Just open for some
casual talk. By the way, I was very proud of you when I
heard you were going to be in Playboy.  I never actually
got to see the issue.  For some reason that just seemed
wrong!!! LOL!  I'm sure you looked great tho!!!  Well,
hopefully I'll hear from you.  Hope all is well for you!!!
Your Third Cousin Amy Darwish-  Columbus, Ohio.

Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 12:25:12 -0700
From: (michelle)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound: not sure
For: nicemail

i saw tiff in the uk last weekend and she rocks, what a
bloomin great voice
unfortuantely only got 3 tracks, ISHST, the fantastic open
my eyes and i think were alone now
but most importantly she was just real nice to everyone
and i got tons of photos so cant complain
this june 2003, when can we get some new material?

Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 10:14:19 -0700
From: (Christopher)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound: cruising the web
For: nicemail

I am hoping that she comes on tour somewhere in the midwest
this summer (2003)....Minneapolis??  Chicago!??!  Come on,
Tiffany!  You have fans here too, you know!

From: "Butch Ricker" <>
To: <>
Subject: when is your new album
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 23:52:50 -0400

To Tiffany  when are you going to have a new album.I cant  wait to here
it  i never email you before  so this is pretty  cool .My  brother said
some singer  dont read emails but  I   will  email you every  week my
email is  So I  hope you have a great life

Date: Thu, 5 Jun 2003 15:46:23 -0700
From: (Webmaster)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
WhereFound: surfing
For: nicemail

Grteat site, i love Tiffany
Do you remember Martika, she is back, now as a duet called
Oppera visit the official website
and my fan site


Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 07:33:37 -0700
From: (Gary Brooks-Davis)
Subject: Tiffany Web Site Feedback
For: nicemail

Sunday the 1st of june 2003 will stand out in my memory forever
Reason being its the night i finally got to see my
favourate Artist of all time Tiffany singing live at
Chicago Rock Cafe (Middlesbrough).
I had my Official Tiffany T-Shirt on i had just recently
purchased and boy what a night i was going to be in for the
second i stepped out of the taxi people noticed the T-Shirt
i had on even to the degree that the DJ even announced over
the microphone is it true somebody has a Tiffany top on!!!
that was just the beginning as the DJ told me he would ask
her if she could sign the T-Shirt for me....When Tiffany
came on stage she opened up with ISHST Shortly into her
performance on of her Colleagues (Margo) came up to me
after noticing my top and asked me to come to the front
also asking if i would like to have some champagne with
Tiffany after the show!! I couldnt believe all this was
happening this really was like a dream (I was scared in
case i woke up) at around this point Tiffany had come off
of the stage and was standing on the bar and announce she
was going to sing another song Could've been then she
turned around pointed at me and said "I dedicate this song
to you" at this point when she started singing she was
standing right in front of me singing directly at me and my
eyes just filled up with tears at this point i was so
happy....After the show i got to go backstage and drink
champagne and chat with her i even got my T-Shirt signed
and my photo took with her for her website she told me when
she was singing could've been and she saw me filling up
with tears it nearly started her of crying......So thats my
story of how i met my idol and i a night i will never
forget and as Tiffany said DREAMS NEVER
DIE....No....Because if you belive in them enough they have
the possibility of coming true Tiffany is my idol always
will be but i would like to say a big  thankyou to
Margo ..Tiffanys friend and makeup chick (As she likes to
be called) For making my dreams come true.


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