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What Was Happening when Tiffany was Born?

Some events of Saturday, October 2, 1971:

  • Rod Stewart's double-sided hit single, "Reason To Believe" / "Maggie May", reaches #1 on the Billboard pop charts.
  • South Vietnam prepares for an October 3 presidential election, in which Nguyen Van Thieu is the unopposed candidate.
  • A longshoreman's strike continues on both coasts with no end in sight, and so far President Nixon has refused to intervene.
  • The movie The Last Picture Show opens, featuring Cybill Shepherd.
  • The San Francisco Giants beat the Pittsburgh Pirates 5 to 4 in the National League Championship Series opener. The Baltimore Orioles get set to take on the Oakland A's on October 3's American League opener.
  • Walt Disney World is in its opening weekend; its gates opened on October 1.

Other Famous October 2 Birthdays

  • Mahatma Gandhi, 1869
  • Violet Jessop (Titanic survivor), 1887
  • Groucho Marx, 1890
  • Bud Abbot, 1895
  • Rex Reed, 1938
  • Don McClean, 1945
  • Sting, 1951

Also: The Peanuts comic strip made its debut on October 2, 1950.

The History Channel: October 2


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