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Interesting Quotes By and About Tiffany

Various Tiffany-related quotes, including the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Selected as the most interesting or thought-provoking, but NOT implying in any way that I agree with all of them.

"Dave Henson of Bloomington, Ill., among the demographics being hit, said he was listening to the music 'because it was so loud.' Henson, 24, in the mall to replace a pair of shorts lost in Yellowstone National Park, inclines musically to U2. He noted that Tiffany was cute and he was vaguely intrigued, though he added, 'After 20 minutes in the mall my brain turns to mush.'"
- Lisa Russell, reporting on Tiffany's mall tour in People Weekly, Sept. 14, 1987

"She's sincere and seems to have great love for the people... And it was very clean, not low-cut and trashy like Madonna."
- Sister Francom, a Mormon missionary interviewed in People Weekly, Sept. 14, 1987, while attending Tiffany's mall tour

"She's the next Barbra Streisand. I'm serious."
- Elain D'Andres, a grandmother from Inverness, interviewed in People Weekly, Sept. 14, 1987, while attending Tiffany's mall tour

"It was a great idea. After the shows I'd talk with people. When I left, I felt as if we were friends. I also got to shop a lot, which is my favorite thing in the whole world."
- Tiffany, quoted in Scholastic Update, March 11, 1988, about her mall tour

"My contract with Tiffany is a perfectly normal agreement. Ask any entertainment attorney. It's a production deal. I absolutely do not want a bigger share of her money. I'm entitled to what my contract calls for. It was approved by a judge, by attorneys, by everyone down the line as fair and equitable."
- George Tobin, quoted in People Weekly, April 18, 1988

"She's going to be around for a long, long time. She's going to have a long career. The whole trip with Tiffany is that she's real. It's going to last. We've built a fan base of support, and now that we're solidifying it, I'm sure that you'll be writing about her many, many times in the future."
- George Tobin, quoted in Rolling Stone, April 21, 1988

"I was enthralled by her voice. It was like taffy-- you could pull it anywhere. In under ten minutes, I decided to sign her. I had a dream of where she could go. When I do a project, I get totally immersed in it. I got really obsessed with her. I just kept thinking that I had to do something with her."
- George Tobin, quoted in Rolling Stone, April 21, 1988

"It could be confusing to her audience. What's a thirteen-year-old girl going to think of Tiffany if she's playing a psycho? Besides, there's a lot more money in being a recording star."
- George Tobin, discussing why he won't allow Tiffany to appear in movies, quoted in Rolling Stone, April 21, 1988

"When I was about two, they even started making Tiffany lamps and even Tiffany rugs. They even started making Tiffany jewelry. I guess it's just a name that got really popular."
- Tiffany, quoted in Rolling Stone, April 21, 1988

"It was embarrassing at first. People were laughing and giving me weird reactions."
- Tiffany, discussing her mall tour in Rolling Stone, April 21, 1988

"Tiffany is convincing in the role of a solid kid who knows the location of her heart and her vagina."
- Robert Christgau, in record review in Playboy, June, 1988.

"She's a trend setter, not a trend follower. She wears black in August and there'll be 15,000 girls who decide: 'You know what? Black ain't so bad in August!"
- George Tobin, quoted in Los Angeles Times, June 12, 1988.

"Hey, listen, there's some guys singing a Tiffany song!"
- Allegedly said by some kid after hearing The Beatles' "I Saw Her Standing There" on the radio, probably around the summer of 1988 when Tiff's cover of this song was popular.

"And while it's not saying a lot to say that [Candy Pennella, of the Canadian group Candi] has more soul than Tiffany or Debbie [Gibson]-- Margaret Thatcher has more soul than Tiffany or Debbie-- Pennella shows a beyond-her-years understanding of rhythmic subtleties."
- R. N. - review in People Weekly, January 23, 1989

"The new record is full of the same brand of synthesizer-heavy teen pop, with all hands trying to fill in the massive holes left by The Tiff's weak warble.... The little girls may understand, but once they grow up a little, they're going to drop their old friend's hand and run."
- Jimmy Guterman - review in Rolling Stone, February 9, 1989

"Do I look like a bimbo to you?... Can I put words together? Am I a wind-up doll? Am I stupid? So I come from Norwalk? OK, so it's not Beverly Hills, but it's not the slums, either. Does that make me a bimbo? Of course not. It's important that people don't see me as this stupid, shallow person."
- Tiffany, quoted in The Los Angeles Times, April 9, 1989

"The problem was that Tiffany's punch knocked the wind out of her predominantly pre-teen audience. Instead of whooping it up while she rolled through 'Oh Jackie' and 'We're Both Thinking Of Her' from the second of her two platinum albums, most of the fans remained inert in their seats. Averaging little more than half the singer's age, Tiffany's core crowd is probably not ready for rough and tough stuff yet.... Tiffany as bar rocker might not be such a bad idea, especially because those opening songs showed that she has some instinct for it. The 9-year-olds may not be able to get through a gin-mill door, but the singer just might learn things about performing that she never will in a gilded cage... How about it, Tiff: Go to college, start a pick-up band. It's a time-honored tradition, and you'll get a nice respite from being picked on by old-fogy pop critics."
- Mike Boehm, in concert review for The Los Angeles Times, Apr. 17, 1989

"Sure, you're a cynic; but you still can't help feeling a little thrilled by it all. She doesn't write her own songs? So what! Her answers to your questions sound suspiciously, well, canned? Big deal! There don't seem to be any interesting little nooks and crannies left in her prepackaged persona? Deep down, do you really care? Fact is, Tiffany's nice, with a shy, gentle smile, great Irish-setter colored hair and warm brown eyes... someone, you think, you might have been friends with in high school... She's so, like, symbolic. In a way, she's the American girl's answer to Princess Di-- only, you can't help thinking, just a little bit sweeter."
- Julia Claiborne Johnson, in Mademoiselle, May, 1989

"George Tobin is what we musicians refer to as a 'weasel.' It is in the weasel's genetic makeup to pounce on as many mice as it can eat, and I guess Tiffany was the juiciest mouse out there."
- Jim Miller, in the FidoNet MUSIC echomail conference, July, 1989

"She's like a sister to us. We all think she's really pretty and talented, and we love her like she's a memeber of our family. I think she feel that way about us too."
- Donnie Wahlberg (of NKOTB)

"I adore them, too! They are just the nicest guys. We're all about the same age, so we'd have fun just talking about kid things. I know a lot of girls would love to have been in my shoes."
-Tiffany (about NKOTB)

"I was scared. We got out of Hong Kong the day before they had all the rioting, so had we left any later we wouldn't have been able to get out of the airport. We would have been stuck there. Some people were really cool about it but some people who came to interview me kept bringing it up. That's all they wanted to ask, 'How do you feel about what's happening? Are you supporting the students? Are you against them?' My remark was that I'm a student and I sympathize with them, but I'm not a politician. I'm here to make music. It was a pretty frightening time. We were constantly in touch with the American Embassy asking them what the situation was."
- Tiffany, discussing her 1989 Far-East tour in TIFF News (her fan club newsletter), Volume 1, Number 1, published October, 1989

"If you agree with the corporate wisdom that dictated that longtime Judy Jetson voice Janet Waldo be replaced by a teenybopper singer, then THE JETSONS MOVIE is the film for you."
- Dave Mackey, in the CompuServe COMICS conference, msg #104491, Nov. 8, 1989, 19:53:38 CST

"Talk about Tiffany should be moved to alt.trash. Singers like her are a dime a dozen at any studio with decent backing musicians."
- Darren Griffiths, writing in the alt.rock-n-roll newsgroup on Usenet, December 1, 1989, 20:47:23 PST

"I hope that Tiffany would not be involved with those punks. I love her music and can not imagine her with those punks."
- Christopher Mays, reacting to rumors of Tiffany's romantic involvement with Jon Knight of the New Kids On The Block, in the FidoNet MUSIC conference, December, 1989

"Needless to say, such an American looks forward to a long and happy life of scarfing down Gummi Bears and bopping along with Tiffany albums, but if little Jason next door... comes through the bedroom window with a spear gun, this is all for naught. Even worse, this isn't FAIR."
- Peter Cashwell, in a comic-book review in The Comics Journal, December, 1989

"On another note, as much as I hate to say it, I have the dread feeling that Tiffany (*GAG* again) is going to with us for a long time. Even I have to admit she has a strong voice. (Somebody just needs to slap the 'Perkyness' out of her.)"
- Jay Jadofsky, in the FidoNet MUSIC conference, January 9, 1990, 08:41:00

"Tiff's a great girl, but we are not dating. We're friends, so I don't know how that rumor started."
- Jon Knight, of New Kids On The Block, quoted in The Big Bopper, March, 1990

"There is one fascinating fantasy sequence set to a pop tune sung by pop star Tiffany; a kaleidoscopic series of images that include flash-by allusions to Picasso, Klee, Warhol and O'Keefe, among other artists. The sequence stands out partly because it is so imaginative compared with the usual prosaic Hanna- Barbera animation."
- Ralph Novak, in a Jetsons movie review in People Weekly, July 16, 1990, p. 11

"Teen diva shrugs off dated sound of former svengali George Tobin and dons an astonishingly potent funk-pop dress, tailored with assured and assertive vocals. Bodes well for the forthcoming album of the same name."
- Review of "New Inside" single, Billboard, Sept. 29, 1990

"...she now sounds tough and street smart; she can wail with a vocal strength she never demonstrated before. But the plaintive, even troubled undercurrent in her voice, which was the best thing about her teen pop, mostly gets buried under a barrage of synthesizer effects. The result is an album without much personality -- except when Tiffany pours on the passion and nearly goes through the emotional roof, stopping just short of frenzy. It's nice to know she can do that. But she'd be much more impressive if she did it in classier songs."
- Greg Sandow, in review of New Inside, Entertainment Weekly, #35, Oct. 12, 1990., p. 53

"Tiffany has a knack for attracting weirdos."
- George Tobin, quoted in the Star tabloid, May 11, 1993, p. 3, in reference to an alleged stalking incident.

"My real tragedy in life was not getting hired to do Jetsons, The Movie. Because I've wanted to work with Tiffany for so many years...and wouldn't you know it, Hollywood can't come up with a project for both of us. Because God knows, the public has been screaming for a Gottfried/Tiffany project for the longest time now."
- Gilbert Gottfried quoted, in Entertainment Weekly

"I'm not searching any longer. It's not manufactured. I hope the album surprises those who didn't necessarily care for my music before -- pleasantly surprises them, that is."
- Tiffany, quoted in Billboard, Aug. 19, 2000

"We played 'Open Your Eyes,' and the response was incredible. While none of our listeners guessed that it was Tiffany, they did want to know who it was so they could go and purchase it."
- JoJo Wright, radio personality at KIIS Los Angeles, quoted in Billboard, Aug. 19, 2000


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