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Ordering "All The Best"

Here's some information from the net about how to order Tiffany's All The Best CD. I have no connection with this supplier and don't profit from these orders, but I'm including the information for the assistance of anyone who's interested in finding this CD.

Date: Tue, 7 Jul 1998 22:33:19 +0800 (SGT)
From: Lim Hwee Hoon <>

Dear Webmaster,

Thank you for putting us on your website and letting all Tiffany fans know
that her CD "All The Best" can be purchased from us.

It's been quite a while since our email was posted on
your site and some things have changed.

We are now able to acccept payment for purchases through credit card (Visa
or MasterCard).  The price and delivery charges listed in the email below
are also no longer current.

For further details, please visit our website at the following URL:
        [doesn't seem to work any more: 6/5/1999]


   Coreen Lim Hwee Hoon
   Managing Partner
   c/o Asia Business Conventions Pte Ltd
   47 Hill Street #07-02
   SCCCI Building, SINGAPORE 179365
   Tel   : (65) 334-3453
   Fax   : (65) 585-1187
   URL   :

(The original e-mail is below:)

Date sent:        Wed, 20 Dec 1995 18:24:25 -0800 (PST)
Subject:          Where to order "All the Best"

I looked around on the net and here's a place you can order Tiffany's
CD "All the Best." Maybe you'd want to put this letter up on your
web site in some form, or send it to the tiffany-l list (which didn't
work the last time I tried to subscribe)
-- Daniel
From:	IN%""  4-DEC-1995 06:40:18.94
Subj:	Wish to special-order CD

Thank you very much for your interest in CD Asia.

You wrote:

>I am interested in ordering the CD "All The Best", by the pop artist
>Tiffany. This CD is only available in Singapore.
>I would like to know the total amount in Singapore currency I should
>send you, to cover the costs of CD, postage and packing.
>To what address should I send the order?
>Would you prefer credit card or international money order?
>If you have a PGP public key, I can send you my order with my credit card
>number PGP-encrypted by e-mail, and I can avoid the 20-day wait for the
>payment to get to you.
We must apologise for not having replied to your email earlier as we had
some difficulty locating the CD that you want.

We are very glad to say that we have finally found a supplier who has stock
of that particular CD that you are looking for!  The CD "All The Best" by
Tiffany is selling for S$23.  Packing and postage will amount to S$16 by
airmail and estimated delivery time will be 7 working days.  Alternatively,
we can send it by surface mail, which cost only S$10 but it will take about
4 weeks to deliver.  Please let us know the mode of delivery that you prefer.

As we are presently unable to accept credit cards, please use international
money order to make your payment to CD Asia and send it to our address below:

        CD Asia
        c/o Asia Business Conventions Pte. Ltd.
        47 Hill Street
        #07-02, SCCCI Building
        Singapore 179365

As soon as your payment clears, we will send out your CD.  Once again, thank
you for your interest and we hope to hear from you soon.

With Best Regards! 

 BH Tan
 CD Asia
 c/o Asia Business Conventions Pte Ltd
 47 Hill Street, #07-02, SCCCI Building
 Singapore 179365
 Tel: (65) 334-3453
 Fax: (65) 334-0855


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