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Tiffany: All The Best                    collection album:1995

    CD: SG  MCA MCD32946
       4:01 Close Our Eyes (duet with Tommy Page)
       3:30 Could've Been
       3:42 If Love Is Blind
       4:12 I Saw Him Standing There
       4:51 Winding Road
       4:08 Here In My Heart
       3:52 Feelings Of Forever
       3:47 I Think We're Alone Now
       4:20 These Arms Of Mine
       4:04 Radio Romance
       4:40 Kiss You All Over
       4:34 Almost In Love
       4:24 Hold An Old Friend's Hand
       3:48 Can't You See
       4:03 I Always Thought I'd See You Again

CD Insert (3-fold/6 pages)

front cover: Tiffany in blue sweater and dark pants, sitting, facing away
             from an upright piano, with flowers on top.  Her hair is straight
             with a black headband, and she's wearing long dangly earrings.
"back": track listing with songwriting/music publishing credits, and music/
        record company copyrights, and production credits.
outside/3rd page: white page.  Centered "tiffany" above a picture of Tiffany
                  facing to her left, wearing black crushed velvet, photo is
                  cut off at her hips.  Below, in script "all the best"
inside, page 1: "Close Our Eyes" lyrics, small picture in corner, of her
        sitting on the floor with a shawl/blanket wrapped around her.
inside, page 2: wearing dark crushed velvet, with her arms wrapped around her,
        eyes closed, hair up, with some lose tendrils, nose ring in plain view.
inside, page 3: "Winding Road" lyrics, small picture of Tiffany sitting up,
        wearing a white wrap, she's smiling
CD case back: Tiffany sitting in dim light, in a dark top and jeans, barefoot!
        flowers in front of her/on the floor

Tiffany "Close Our Eyes" (from the Singapore CD All The Best)
Duet with Tommy Page.
Music by Kim Bullard/Amy Sky/Marc Jordan
Lyrics by Dave Taggart
(c) Music Plus Publishing
(c) 1995 MCA Records, Inc.
  Male: I picked a rose among these ancient walls
        A garden made for love
        but nothing grows at all
        I heard your laughter and I almost knew
        That we'd share our life together
Female: And still surrounded by this fortress strong
        Kept from your loving arms too long
  Both: If we just close our eyes and begin a new day
        We could turn back the time to a world far away
        Where our hearts beat as one through the passing of ages
  Male: Oh, we could turn back time start a brand new day
Female: If we just close our eyes
  Male: I saw you walking with the sacred fire
        A girl her eyes so wild with anger and confusion
        The only spark of life to grace this land
  Both: We shared this hope eternal (Male whisper: eternal)
Female: And now it seems as though you've found your place
 (Male: found your place)
        Lost my loving embrace
  Male: I'll give more than forever
Female: Our love will carry us away
  Both: Together we'll fly if we just close our eyes
repeat first 2 lines of chorus, with improvisation

Tiffany "Winding Road" (from Singapore CD All The Best)
Written by Tiffany and Nancy Bryan
(C) Tiffany Music/Mamie's House Music
(c) 1995 MCA Records, Inc.
I've been down many roads
Sometimes life can be unkind
I didn't wonder where I'd go
Didn't know what I might find
What you got was not expected
And when you feel that time is running out on you
The winding road that takes me home
I'm going there someday I know
The winding road that takes me home to you
Is there beneath the shadows
The winding road
Memories of the love we had
Never fade away
Tears of joy for the promises
That will come again someday
When you walked out it was unexpected
I'm trying to find my way back to you
The winding road
The truth can leave you breathless
And the truth can set you free
I've got all these questions
Living inside of me, inside of me
The winding road
The winding road
The winding road


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