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Date sent:      	Sat, 17 Mar 2001 12:00:38 -0700
Subject:        	Tiffany In Idaho
From:           	Furry Art Idaho <>

Tiffany performed in Idaho at Idaho State University "University of
Idaho" in Pocatello Idaho. This was a last minute show. Everybody found
out tuesday that she was performing friday (03/09/01). I was going to
grabe a poster but they was gone. I don't know if the school removed them
or fans took them from around the campus. Included is three pictures. I
regret they are dark because I didn't use a flash. I noticed she liked
the idea of no flash since she got right in front of me. Ofcourse I'm
also not no photographer since most of the pictures came out not being in
focus. Tranlation the based ones are not focused so I sent you the best
out of the few roles I took.  The day before she performed in Utah at
another university. Can't remeber the town. Defenetly not Salt Lake City.
Hope you like these.


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