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Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 03:47:03 EDT
Subject: Tiffany pics Dayton OH 2006 CLUBMASQUE

These pics were taken June 1st, 2006 in Dayton OH  USA kicking off gay pride.
Tiffany who made her 1st Dayton OH  appearance last year with a HUGE response
was asked a 2nd time around to come  back to promote her "Dust off and DANCE'
cd. She sang songs she normally  'wouldnt' sing in such a public setting, by
request she obliged,  HUMBLED, she sang her most publicly successful
recordings for a very  intimate audience whom very much appreciated such a
memorable performance....  Tiffany's new CD DOAD is absolutely THE BEST CD Ive
heard in a long time, I  instantly fell in love with at least 8 of the eleven
songs released.

PLEASE, buy her new CD.... Its honestly better and more catchy  than Britney
could EVER come up with on her own. If I wanted to give up my  personally
signed autographed CD to MTV I would send it myself.... Tiffany  Helped define a
GENERATION and is always remembered... WHY FORGOTTEN??????  Tiffany's new CD,
having just heard it, not only is caught up w/ the times  of this generation
but is still loved and MISSED by many of her generation.  PROVING, she is and
CAN be thought of as a TRUE artist and not just making a  desperate attempt to
live off her nostalgia.... THE GIRL CAN SING.... Shes as  youthful and
beautiful as she was when I was only 10 yrs old Seeing her doing  the NOW famous
face/hand move she's known for in person takes me back to the  days when I would
listen to my headset and see her on MTV. When times were much  simpler and
everything seemed o.k. She is an Idol and appreciated by many for  defining a
moment in our lives.

Tiffany may never know the true impact she has and had on so  many people, I
just wish Tiffany could still be remembered and appreciated for  her love to
sing and entertain. She has determination to continue  even  with everyone in
her way and noone offering back-up support. She did  it when everyone said she
couldnt....THEN  and is now DOING IT all over  again. she may never have the
success she did in the 80's but  always  remember she helped define you and
anyone else u may know. For that  she deserves an ovation AND AN

Having seen her in person, I was very pleased to see how  humbled and
appreciative of all her supporting fans she was. She was almost shy  and very
child like when not on stage. Very appraochable and willing to be your  friend.
You can see she appreciates you and is happy to see you. She went  out of her
way to be cordial and signed and posed for every last fan. Always  with the same
personable smile and special touch. Her smile brings warmth and  joy to anyone
in doubt, like her new songs, she is an inspiration. A delightful  light shining
on even with the dimmest hope, She is still happy to be her and  doesnt have any
doubt about it, even after having gone through it all!!!!!  PLEASE SUPPORT

here she is beginning to sing "all this time' as a special  request. Not a
normal routine.

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